PATH Intl. COVID-19 Bulletin
January 5, 2021
COVID-19-Specific Updates for PATH Intl. Centers, Individual Members, Certified Professionals & Friends
Today's bulletin is being sent to inform PATH Intl. Members about a positive development experienced by a center in relation to vaccinations. As local governments devise their roll-out plans for individuals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, one center was proactive and successful in moving their personnel up the list. Enjoy the bulletin in good health! These and other resources are also available on the PATH Intl. website COVID-19 page.
A Great Idea for Center's Consideration!

Thank you to executive director Michele Bruhn of PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center (CTRC) in Longmont for notifying the association of this important information centers might be able to effectively replicate.

Michelle reports having success in reaching out to her local county public health agency regarding vaccinations for center staff. As a direct result of contacting her local agencies, she was pleased to inform us that CTRC staff and therapists were added to the list for Phase 1B for vaccinations against COVID-19. Her county informed her they were added to second Phase 1B due to: 

  • Center staff being direct care workers with individuals who fall in the at-risk category for the virus
  • Programs put center staff in direct contact and within six-feet of individuals with health concerns, and an array of disabilities.
  • Center staff is also in direct contact with numerous volunteers who are at risk due to age.

Check with your local health agencies to see if this is a possibility that could not only promote the health of your workforce but also assure your volunteers, families and community that the center is taking every available precaution to offer safe services.
What's Next?

Coming soon! Many PATH Intl. Member Centers are helping individuals from their communities navigate mental health and wellness challenges brought about by the pandemic. Learn more about how this is being implemented from centers already seeing positive results from offering these services.
We continue to research and gather information to assist centers in maintaining operations during this challenging time. If you have suggestions or ideas, please email Kathy Alm. We might include those ideas in a future communication.