February 16, 2021
Copying "Dutchess Responds"
Dear friends, neighbors, residents,

Today, after the regular Supervisors & Mayors conference call with the County Executive, the following notes were sent out which will also go out to the public. The news of additional doses is so good, I am copying Marc Molinaro's email below to make sure you all see it. The highlights are mine.

Please review the information below and for those eligible, keep trying to get your appointment!

Remember, we have drivers standing by to take Seniors without transportation to get vaccinated. Call Town Hall as soon as you get your appointment. Good luck!

Most sincerely,

Betsy Maas
Town Supervisor
(845) 724-5600 ext. 110

Update from County Executive Molinaro
February 16, 2021
Situation Update
  • 1,099 Active Cases (2/14 data)
  • 76 Hospitalizations
  • 395 Deaths
  • 1,563 Tests
  • 19,449 Recovered
  • 4.67% Dutchess % Positive, 7-Day Average
  • 3,445 Vaccines Administered To-date
Vaccine Update
Dutchess County received notice of a 1,200 dose allocation for this week, an increase of 500 doses. Other locations within Dutchess County received the following allocations:
  • FQHCs – 6 locations received 100 each
  • Hospitals – 2 locations received 100 each
  • Pharmacies – 4 locations 100 each
Dutchess County’s weekly doses will be administered at the following Dutchess County PODs:
  • Saturday, February 20th, 10AM-5PM – Dover CVS Plaza (across from McDonalds)  
  • Sunday, February 21st, 10AM-8PM – JCPenney, Poughkeepsie Galleria
  • Mobile Team – Monday, February 22nd – Cardinal Hayes Millbrook 
  • Monday, February 23rd, 3PM-8PM – JCPenney, Poughkeepsie Galleria
New eligibility beginning this week to include a number of health conditions, visit the New York State Phased Distribution of Vaccine webpage for the complete list of qualifying conditions.
Sign-up for Vaccine Appointment Notifications
To be added to the notification list for appointments at Dutchess County POD locations, you MUST complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Information Request Form.
This form gathers contact information for individuals wishing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as supply is available. Individuals must be eligible in phases defined by New York State. See if you are in a qualifying group by visiting the New York State Phased Distribution Vaccine webpage
This form does not pre-register you for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.
About the Dutchess County Vaccine Information Request Form
I signed up at, now what happens?
  • You have been added to the County’s notification list.
  • You will be advised when we have an appointment at a County POD site that we can offer to you.
  • Appointments will be allocated based on the number of doses available to the County for the specific date. A computer-generated, randomized process will be used to select names of those who meet current State eligibility criteria. For example, if the County receives 600 doses, 600 eligible individuals on the list will be notified about appointments.
  • Appointment offers are NOT transferable. If you completed the form on behalf of someone else, it must be their name and eligibility information.  
  • For example, if John Smith is submitting the form for his mother Mary Smith – it must be Mary’s information on the form (name, date of birth, etc).
  • If John would also like to be on the list as an eligible individual, he must complete a separate form for himself.
  • Please be aware that it will likely be many weeks or months before you are notified about an appointment, based on the current supply distribution. The County has been receiving 600-700 doses per week, while there are well over 100,000 eligible residents.
  • Additionally, you will receive weekly updates about other vaccine providers, including pharmacies, in Dutchess County who have received vaccine doses from the State that week. We understand you may wish to continue looking for other available appointments as it will likely take a while before you are notified about an available appointment at one of the County sites.
I don’t have internet access to complete the form, what do I do?
Eligible Seniors, or those who do not have internet access should:
  • Call the Dutchess County Coronavirus Information Line at (845) 486-3555.
  • Select Option 1 to hear the weekly vaccine allocation updates;
  • THEN select Option 2 to be connected to the Office for the Aging and added to the notification list.
  • You will be notified by phone when an appointment is available to you.
  • You can also call each week to hear the updates about other vaccine provider options.
New CDC Guidelines
New guidelines have been issued regarding COVID-19 exposure for those vaccinated. Governor Cuomo announced that New York State will follow these new recommendations. Read more on the CDC Website
All vaccinated individuals should continue to follow the same guidelines, including 6’ physical distancing, wearing a face covering, hand hygiene, and staying home with any sign of illness. If a vaccinated individual is exposed to COVID-19, they can forego quarantine should the following criteria be met:
  • They are > 2 weeks after receiving the second dose of the two-dose regimen of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna one-dose vaccine.
  • They are within 3 months of completing the vaccine regimen.
  • They have remained asymptomatic after the Covid-19 exposure.
Extended Hours for Restaurants
Given the continued decline in hospitalization and infection rates throughout New York, closing times for restaurants and bars will be extended from 10pm to 11pm statewide beginning Sunday, February 14th. You can read the news alert from the New York State Restaurant Association here. 
Large Venues
New York will allow large sports and entertainment venues to open with audiences capped at 10%, with requirements for testing. More information can be found HERE.

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