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Deadlock in Washington

Senate Republicans block a bill to avert a government shutdown this Thursday and to extend the debt limit. So instead, Republicans want Democrats to raise the debt limit separately, on a party-line basis. We urge both Democrats and Republicans to work together and keep the government open. We sent them to Washington to represent us and serve, not to fight. So stop the divisive and partisan politics and stick to your job. Click here for more.


Michigan could join a growing national trend to dissolve the electoral college. Former Michigan GOP and Democratic parties leaders are backing a potential 2022 ballot initiative for the state to join The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. If successful, the president of the United States would be elected through a popular vote. Click here for more.
Vaccine for children

Pfizer submits data to FDA, seeking to use its Covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. Pfizer said its vaccine is safe, and the trial shows that it is effective.
The FDA could take several weeks to analyze the data before granting emergency authorization. Children account for a good number of new Covid cases.

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three squash soup
Housing Market update

The federal government provides additional Covid-19 help to residents who want to stay in their homes and are struggling to make their housing payments. Call your mortgage officer and to find out if you qualify. Click here for more.

Detroit Development

Ford sells Corktown park deck for an estimated $15.6 million, according to Crain's Detroit. Click here for more.

Home prices

Homes are selling very quickly, and if you are thinking about selling, give us a call.

Gives us a call for free market analysis. 313-819-0101.

Your housing rights

What are your options if your house turns to be a lemon? Click here for more.
Your Money

How to protect your investment as inflation looms large around the corner? The answer rests in how you select your assets and securities. So keep a tap on your investment and continue talking to your broker. Click here for more.

Minimum Wage

The federal minimum wage has been set to protect workers. However, it is crucial to know the law to protect yourself. Click here for a state-by-state list.

Stimulus check

Could rising jobless numbers mean a 4th stimulus check. Lear more.

The best and the worst way Americans spend their stimulus checks. Click here for more

Retirement benefits

Here is an idea on how to retire with $3 million on $70,000. Hint: start early. Click here for more

Five crucial money decisions you make in your life. Click here for more.

The critical shortage of first responders in Michigan could affect response times and patient care. Finding frontline workers has been difficult because of the pandemic, and there are about 1,000 openings across state for emergency and pandemic jobs. Click here for more.


Michigan hospitals are eyeing nurses from other countries to fill the Covid-19 shortage. Click here for more.

Ford jobs

Ford plans to invest $11.4 billion to build electric vehicles and advanced batteries in Michigan and other states. The new plan could foster $11,000 jobs. Click here for more.

Small Business

Are you starting a small business? Are you confused about where to start and what papers to file? The Michigan SBDC is here to help. They provide free consultant business services to small business owners throughout Michigan. Click here for more and to start learning.
Your Health

MRI: What to expectHaving an MRI? Find out what to expect and how to prepare for this common imaging scan.Read more ›

7 ways to cut medication costsInterval training: Start smart for your heartHot flashes: How to find relief   Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief Strategies from the experts, to help you feel better and effectively manage chronic pain. Learn more 

 Sun-dried tomato and herb pizzaQuick and simple, this flavor-packed pizza has more fiber than a typical pizza.See recipe   

Salad greens with pears, fennel and walnutsFennel has a mild, sweet licorice flavor. Strip away the coarse outer portion of the fennel bulb before using in recipes.

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