April 2022
CHIPO partners with local organization
to make an impact in Uganda
The Coalition Against Hepatitis for People of African Origin (CHIPO) is a national community coalition that is co-founded and led by the Hepatitis B Foundation, composed of organizations and individuals who are interested in addressing the high rates of hepatitis B infection among African communities in the U.S. CHIPO is proud to support a new partnership with the Great Lakes Peace Centre (GLPC) in Kasese, Uganda. CHIPO recently provided GLPC with educational resources that are tailored for African communities, which GLPC is translating into local dialects and will use in a strategy to raise awareness and provide education about hepatitis B, primarily to rural women and youth in Kasese District. Check out our recent interview with Bwambale Arafat, Head of Health and Policy Officer at GLPC, which sheds light on some of the significant barriers that impede hepatitis B screening, prevention, and care in Uganda (and much of the African continent) and showcases some of the extraordinary work of GLPC on a host of issues, of which viral hepatitis is just one. Read it here.
Please join us to learn more about our work and our research!
Please join us! “Sharing Our Journey” will be an interactive panel discussion about research, health equity and the challenges and opportunities in the world of hepatitis B.

Top leaders with the Hepatitis B Foundation and Baruch S. Blumberg Institute will answer questions from attendees and share their thoughts on the future of research, and what it will take to prepare the world for a cure.

This online event will held on Saturday, May 7 from 12 p.m. to 12:50 p.m. EDT.

Please register here.
April 30 is National Adult Vaccination Day in the U.S.
Did you know: The Hepatitis B vaccine is now a routine immunization for adults in the U.S. All adults 19 to 59 are now recommended to get protected against hep B.

Even though the vaccine is recommended by the CDC, many people don't think about getting it, so this day of focus on the adult vaccination is so important to spread awareness. Help us spread the word by talking to your friends and sharing our social media posts.

If you haven't already, talk to your doctor about getting vaccinated today!
CDC action means many more U.S. adults will get vaccinated
The Hepatitis B Foundation has enthusiastically endorsed the adoption of new adult vaccination guidelines for hepatitis B by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Foundation is organizing a group of experts to help with implementation to ensure millions more U.S. adults get vaccinated against the dangerous virus. The CDC has adopted formally the landmark recommendations that came last November from its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) in favor of universal hepatitis B vaccination for all adults ages 19 to 59 in the U.S. Please read more here.
DiRx partners with Hepatitis B Foundation to offer
low-cost prescriptions in the U.S.
DiRx has partnered with the Hepatitis B Foundation to offer low-cost medication in the U.S.

By using the promo code HBFSAVE, anyone with a prescription can buy Entecavir for $33 or Tenofovir for $21.

To help more consumers access essential medications, for a limited time, a 30-day supply (up to $100 per order) also is available for free.
Learn more here.
Myths and misconceptions webinar
There are many myths surrounding various aspects of hepatitis B, including its prevalence, transmission, prevention, testing, severity and treatment. Join us for a webinar on Wed., April 20, at 3 p.m. EDT, when we'll explore some of the most widespread misconceptions, particularly in African communities around the U.S., from a variety of perspectives, including those of health care providers. Speakers include Dr. Olorunseun Ogunwobi, director at Hunter College Center for Cancer Health Disparities Research in New York City; Dr. Ganiat Sarumi Disu, CEO, African Health Coalition in Chicago; and Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adedokun, a community health worker at Chicago's African Health Coalition. Please register here.
Re HDV: We need help from people living with hepatitis D.
Do you or someone you know have hepatitis delta? If so, your thoughts are needed.
Elma Research is conducting a study on the experiences of people with hepatitis delta virus (HDV). Their folks need to speak with people with hepatitis delta in France, the U.K. and U.S. to discuss their experiences with the disease.

Participants will join an online community, and will answer questions on a particular topic or provide feedback on educational materials. If interested, participants also can talk anonymously with others to discuss topics around hepatitis delta. And, if you can’t get online, the Elma team still wants to work with you – just let us know.

Participating requires one hour per month for 3-12 months. Participants are offered monthly cash incentives (€50 France, $30 U.S., £55 UK). Responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Feedback will be used to help people living with HDV now and in the future.
If you're interested or know someone who might be, please contact Elma Research at (U.K.) rtaky@exafield.com, (France) benjamin.muzeau@schlesingergroup.com and (U.S.) milly@blueorchidqual.com. Elma Research organizes market research studies in the medical sector. You can learn more here
Find a physician to treat hepatitis B
Did you know that the Hepatitis B Foundation offers a free directory of doctor's specializing in hepatitis B and/or liver cancer? It includes over 400 self-identified professionals who are available to help those with hepatitis B or liver cancer. We recently audited the database to ensure the information is all up-to-date.

Please visit the directory today.
Is the hepatitis B vaccine safe?
Welcome to Consult Corner, where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions!

This month's question: Is the hepatitis B vaccine safe?

Yes, the hepatitis B vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine. In fact, it is the first “anti-cancer vaccine” because it can protect you from hepatitis B, which causes 60% of all liver cancer worldwide. It only takes three shots to protect yourself and those you love against hepatitis B for a lifetime (and if you live in the U.S. and are 18 years old or older, there is a two-dose vaccine available). Ask your doctor about the right vaccine type for you.

With more than 1 billion doses given throughout the world, medical and scientific studies have shown the hepatitis B vaccine to be one of the safest vaccines ever made. Read more here.

If you are interested in learning more about topics like this, please join the HepBCommunity online forum here.
New "B Heppy" podcast: Peter's liver transplant story
In this episode, we interview Peter Vu about his liver transplant story. We talk about why he needed a liver transplant, the details of the transplant, and how this has affected his day-to-day life. Peter also is a #justB Storyteller for the Hepatitis B Foundation. If you would like to watch his video, please do so here!

You can find the podcast episodes here or anywhere you get your podcasts.

AND, if you'd like to suggest a topic for B Heppy, please send an email to info@hepb.org.
#justB optimistic: watch Peter's story
For Donate Life Month, we're revisiting Peter's story. After being treated for hepatitis B for more than 10 years, Peter’s GI doctor told him that his reduced viral load meant he could stop taking his medication. Just 18 months later, Peter was in the hospital awaiting a liver transplant. Fortunately, a donor was found and Peter is recovering well.

Peter realizes that his GI doctor may not have understood the dangers of taking him off his hepatitis B medicine, and he has now found a trusted hepatologist to monitor his condition moving forward.

You can watch Peter's story here and read the related blog post here.
New public health staffer
Shreya Koirala has joined our team as public health program coordinator and will be working to support our Hep B United coalition and capacity-building programs.

She recently received a Master of Public Health from the University Of Minnesota with a focus on maternal and child health. She previously worked as a health equity intern with Washington County (Minn.) Department of Public Health and Environment, where she worked with Black, Indigenous and people of color organizations to help design worksite wellness projects for their employees.

Shreya Koirala Originally from Nepal, Shreya speaks English, Nepali and Hindi. 
Hepatitis B Foundation's publication pick of the month
Destigmatizing hepatitis B
Clair Ainsworth
Nature - March 30, 2022
This article includes insights by many of the top contributors in the field of hepatitis B, including the Foundation's Program Director, Catherine Freeland, MPH; Dr. Su Wang, the former president of the World Hepatitis Alliance and a member of the Foundation's Scientific and Medical Advisory Board; and Dr. Thomas Tu, who is one of the Foundation's Emerging Scholars.

Around the world, people with hepatitis B are marginalized. This article focuses on how patients are finding their voice and pushing back to end discrimination and isolation. Myths and facts are explored as are hurtles toward finding a cure and getting patients in care. Fighting the negative mindset surrounding the disease is key to making any major strides in eliminating hepatitis B.

Note: Additional recommendations for new journal articles are posted here.
April 20 - Myths and Misconceptions Webinar

April 30 - National Adult Hepatitis B Vaccination Awareness Day
May 7 - Sharing Our Journey

May 19 - Hepatitis Testing Day

June 8-10 - World Hepatitis Summit, Bangkok and online

June 9 - Blumberg Institute Seminar: Cehn Liu, MD, PhD, Yale University
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