August 2020, Issue 8
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State Wide Needs Assessment
The Wyoming Health Council staff have been contacting clinics throughout Wyoming this past month to ask them to complete a short survey! The purpose of the telephone survey is two-fold: 1) to see what services are being offered in communities where we do not have a Title X Reproductive Health clinic; 2) and, to ascertain whether or not the site might be interested in possibly partnering with The Wyoming Health Council to provide Title X services. Our staff were able to speak with several of the clinics and sent surveys out to those we were unable to get in touch with. The information collected from the clinic surveys will help inform the Wyoming Health Council, the current Title X clinics and our Board of Directors, on how to continue to move forward in providing reproductive healthcare services to the people of Wyoming.
Getting Ready For School
It’s officially August and the end of summer vacation is just around the corner. With COVID-19 still effecting the Nation, many parents are struggling to decide if they want to send their children back to school, or educate at home. One thing needs to remain constant however, and that is getting children up to date on their vaccinations. While important vaccines, like the DTaP, Polio, or measles and rubella, are required for school aged children, parents need to start thinking about getting the HPV vaccine started and possibly explore the idea of birth control methods for older children. And parents, while you are taking care of your children, remember to take care of yourself and ask your doctors about family planning methods that fit your lifestyle!
100 Years of Women's Right To Vote!
This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote on August 26, 1920! As the nation prepares to vote in November, lets remember the strong women who supported, educated, led and fought for the right to have their voices heard in the national election! So lets not let them down! A lot is at stake when it comes to birth control and reproductive health care access this election, at both the federal and state level. Know where your candidates stand on these issues. Check out Power To Decide for information on what to pay attention to. And while you are doing that, watch this short video by the History Channel or consider using the Smithsonian's stories for your social media to educate your friends!

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