Essential news for the UCSF community
Crucial questions will be when and where to get vaccinated and which vaccine will be best for you. Important things to consider.

FAQs on Vaccine Distribution: UCSF Medical Center is one of seven hospitals in California that will serve as a site for early distribution of the Pfizer vaccine. Read about the current status of vaccine distribution and UCSF’s program.

COVID-19 Testing Portal: UCSF has partnered with Color to provide testing. If you've traveled outside of the Bay Area or Fresno area, its a good idea to get tested. Use the testing portal to learn how.

Bay Area Stay-At-Home Order: New restrictions are now in place through Jan. 4. How they affect UCSF.

Just a few doses of this experimental drug restored youthful cognitive abilities in aged mice.

The greater the air pollution, the higher the likelihood of amyloid plaques – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

UCSF and UCLA just gained FDA approval for an imaging method that locates often-missed tumors.

A little girl with a pink bike high fives a health care worker at a COVID testing site
High five! Lili Martinez-Cruz, 12, high-fives Nancy Pili of Bicis Del Pueblo (“Bikes for the People”) after their family household got tested together at the free COVID-19 pop-up site operated by United in Health and UCSF partners at Crocker-Amazon park on Dec. 1. Bicis Del Pueblo rebuilds and donates bikes in underserved communities in San Francisco, and staffed the pop-up to help repair bikes and promote riding. 
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