Eimco Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

316L Stainless Steel | Complete With Controls 

Eimco horizontal vacuum belt filter, 316L stainless steel, 42" wide x 30' long, includes belt with stainless steel pan mounted below belt with 4-1/2" diameter horizontal stainless steel pipe running down length with (16) 3-1/2" welded vertical pipes on 20" centers, carbon steel frame with plastic drip pan. Includes 4-lane applicator head, pneumatic adjustment on rollers, (2) overhead spray bars, (3) 24" diameter X 60" high stainless steel vac. receiver tanks, Eimco 1x8 stainless steel centrifugal pumps rated for 140 liters per minute at 15" w. c. with 1700 impeller RPM. Complete with Honeywell controls. Serial number 9802206. In good working condition when removed from service in November 2019. Appears to be in very good condition.

Filtration Equipment Available:

A741630 Filter, Belt, Vacuum, Horizontal, 5.5' X 18', Komline
C742384 Filter, Deionizer, General Electric, E-Cell MK-2E Stack,
S741745 Filter, Hepa, Clean Air Blower, Terra-Aqua, S/st, 5 hp
C730788 Filter, P&F, 48 X 48, PPL, 36 Plates, Recessed, (3)
S374342 Filter, P&F, 48 X 48, PPL, Shriver,
S737316 Filter, P&F, 36 X 36, PPL, Valley, 45 P, 46 F, 640 SF,
S739455 Filter, P&F, 32 X 32, PPL, Sperry, 639 SF, 16 CF,
S742253 Filter, P&F, 31.5 x 31.5, Cast Iron/PPL, 15 Plates, A
S740656 Filter, P&F, 31.5 X 31.5, PPL, Met-Chem, 8 CF
S732960 Filter, P&F, 30 X 30, PPL, Ontrac, 28 Plates, Recessed,
S742747 Filter, P&F, 24 X 24, S/st, (75) Plates, Wine Pad Filter,
S739965 Filter, P&F, 18 x 18, PPL, 5 Plates, 2 CF
C739113 Filter, P&F, 16 x 16, S/st, HK, Wine Filter,
S738210 Filter, P&F, 15 x 15, 316 S/st, Horm Filters
S742367 Filter, P&F, 15 X 15, PPL and S/st Plates, Seitz,
S742746 Filter, P&F, 15 X 15, S/st, (38) Plates, Wine Pad Filter,
S742497 Filter, P&F, 15 X 15, S/st, (9) Plates and Frames, Schenk,
A742383 Filter, P&F, PPL, 8 CF, JWI, 28 Plates
S737134 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 330 SF, S/st, 75 PSI, Coppersmithing,
Z380800 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 300 SF, 316 S/st, Hercules, HTVL,
Z380820 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 300 SF, C/st, Gen'l F&E, HTVL,
Z380750 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 300 SF, S/st, Toronto Copper, HTVL,
S732256 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 160 SF, 316L S/st, Funda, VTHL
S740473 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 120 SF, Jkt, 316L S/st, Schenk, VTHL
Z384295 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 116 SF, C/st, Industrial, VTHL,
C384575 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 100 SF, C/st, Industrial, VTHL,
S385500 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Comm'l Filters, VTVL,
S739987 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Velo, Mdl 0056, VTVL
Z385907 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 19 SF, 316 S/st, Sparkler, VTVL,
S741185 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 19.32 SF, S/st, Sparkler, 18-D-12,
S741184 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 6.44 SF, S/st, Sparkler, Mdl 18-D-4,
C740297 Filter, Pressure Leaf, 4.5 Sq m, Velo, VTHL, DE Filter,
C738975 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 300 GPM,(4)
C738973 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Ionics, Nanofiltration, 185 GPM,(3)
C737185 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, 24 Tubes, 670 SF (2)
S738667 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, US Filter, S/st,
A742371 Filter, Reverse Osmosis, WTE, 100 GPM,
S740481 Filter, Rotary, Drum, 20 X 15, S/st, PR Aqua
S740319 Filter, Rotary, Sweco, Mdl WWF-304S-12S, S/st, Centrif, (2)
S741653 Filter, Rotary, Vac, 10' x 20', S/st, Precoat, Ametek,
A742322 Filter, Rotary, Vac, 8' x 10', S/st, Eimco, 100 HP Vac
S733000 Filter, Rotary, Vac, 3' x 1', Komline Sanderson, FRP, Belt
S740013 Filter, Separator, Puroflux, PF-64, 150 PSI, 10 HP
S740063 Filter, Station, Liquid, S/st, Pump, 15 HP
S741210 Filter, Strainer, Flow-Thru, 3, Liquid, Mueller,
S740320 Filter, Sweco, White Water, Mdl WWF12S, S/st, Centrifugal
A740573 Filter, UV, Aquafine, Mdl SCD-1000, 316 S/st, 800 GPM
S734627 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Auto Clean, 3 HP
S730255 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Millipore, S/st
C738393 Filter, Ultrafiltration, PCI Membranes, S/st, 625 SF,
S734632 Filter, Ultrafiltration, Twin Pumps, 1.5 HP
C741283 Filter, UltraFiltration, Vertical Ceramic, S/st, 16 x 36

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