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Intelligent, Autonomous Cobot Pump ECBPi
Electric vacuum generator for collaborative robots
Schmalz CobotPump ECBPi is a new generation of intelligent vacuum generators that do not need compressed air. These flexible pumps are designed for use in mobile robotics, fully automated small parts handling and stationary handling tasks.

The intelligent electric vacuum generator includes an integrated interface for controlling and monitoring the handling process. Connection via IO-Link allows process monitoring and predictive maintenance from the machine to the cloud. The CobotPump can be quickly and easily combined with common lightweight robots using various flange plates. 
For use in mobile robotics, fully automated small parts handling and stationary handling tasks.

The Schmalz CobotPump has been tested and certified by Universal Robots and is ideal for use with UR robots
Mitsubishi Multi-network Servo with EtherNet/IP™
Leverages ease of use of EtherNet/IP
The  MR-J4-TM multi-network servo with EtherNet/IP  amplifier and compatible motors is not your average servo solution. The Mitsubishi MR-J4-TM leverages the high fidelity response of the flagship MR-J4 product line, with ease of use, and solution integration of EtherNet/IP. 

The MR-J4-TM offers Industry-leading 2500Hz speed frequency response to significantly reduce settling time and is packed with advanced features, like 4 million pulses/rev absolute encoder as standard for improved positioning accuracy and dynamic vibration suppression control II to extend machine life.

EtherNet/IP provides excellent compatibility with ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ controllers, and easy system integration. Available AOIs for Rockwell compatibility mimic native motion instructions for a seamless and intuitive transition.

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