We are extremely fortunate that H.E. Lingtrul Rinpoche will serve as Vajra Master for Iron Knot Ranch’s annual practice of Vajrakilaya Pudri Reg Phung, The Razor That Destroys at a Touch, a mind treasure of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche. 

The wrathful practice of Vajrakilaya is a powerful means to remove obstacles of any kind, including obstacles to health, longevity, activity, spiritual practice and, ultimately, to realization of enlightenment.

Participants are welcome to attend and leave as their schedules permit. You can attend any portion of the ceremony up until it concludes with the final acceptance of siddhis, spiritual accomplishment and blessing, on October 16.

If you are unable to attend, you can be a part of our accumulations and dedications of merit by sponsoring tsog and butterlamps during the retreat. Please email prayers@ironknot.org with your offering, including your written dedication, and specifying whether your offering is for butterlamps or tsog or both. Once the event has begun, please expect a one-day delay from the time you notify us until your offering is fulfilled.

Recognized at an early age as an incarnate teacher, Lingtrul Rinpoche is the eighth throne-holder of Tra Ling Gonpa, a famous monastery in Golok, Tibet. He studied with the great Khenpo Munsel of Kathog Monastery and other masters of our time. He is based in California and in British Columbia, where he established the Kathog Centre on Vancouver Island.