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Books Books Books!   
by Rasunah Katz 
Pelican Press 
Rasunah Katz's poems memorialize and celebrate the spirit of place with power and clarity that is staggering." -- Devreaux Baker

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Master Control, Hayes' first work of fiction, a satirical social commentary, unlike anything you've ever read before.

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Book One of Rahima Warren's Trilogy, The Star Seer's Prophecy, is also getting rave reviews.


At the Green Chair 

Colin Whitaker and Daniel Rikh
just opened at UK's 
Green Chair Gallery 
February 9 - Mar 15
Whitaker's oil painting, "Distant Celebrations" pictured above. 
Not to be Missed!     



Retreats, Workshops 
  and Get-Aways


The Art of Living 
the Second Half of Life 
May 4 - 11
A Quest experience for people in their 40s 
Lilliana Gibbs facilitates. 
For more info 


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Viva l'italiano!
SICA Italy hosts two workshops to explore
Our Inner Creator
this coming summer in 
Anticoli Corrado
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Ooh la la! 
in August
in B´┐Żnodet,
150 meters from the sea. € 100/person
August 24-31, 2013
details on SICA site.  


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Sending love and goodies for Valentine's Day.  Enjoy!

Serious Message from SICA


Surround heart (pictured right) with candy and delights, and serve to those you love with kisses and flowers.


Note to those who may have forgotten to send flowers, candy, and kisses to their loved ones. . . it's never too late. 

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Before Clapton, Beck, Page, there was The "Top" Man!
As the world gets ready for the big Yardbirds 50th Anniversary Concert in March at Twickenham Stadium, we also get a chance to celebrate Sanderson (formerly Anthony) "Top" Topham (above) who was the first lead guitarist of one of the all time great guitar bands, The Yardbirds. 


And Larry Manch just published a great tribute to The 'Top' Man in his blog, The Back Beat.  


So why did Top leave the Yardbirds just as they were getting big??


 "I was only 15 then, three or four years younger than the rest, and there was no way my parents would let me go out five or six nights a week to play music."  !!!

Featured SICA Associate Member:  Rofin Australia and

Dr. Hadrian Fraval 


Hadrian Fraval, Managing Director of this award-winning company noted for its innovation in technology, writes:

"What we have achieved is the result of trying to follow our talent in expressing the fruits of the Latihan in our outer life. We have received many blessings on the journey and empathize with what SICA is doing in this sphere. Although Rofin is an enterprise, there is a lot of SICA in what we do. The relationship between SICA and SESI is very close in my experience. Therefore we are very keen to support the role of SICA in promoting the expression of culture from our Latihan in our society."  


SICA agrees! As Bapak said on his birthday back in 1980, "You must not think that the kind of knowledge which is called scientific, what is nowadays called technology, does not also spring from the power of God and flow through the channels of culture." 

Are YOU an Associate Member of SICA?  Click here for application. 

The Women Worldwide Initiative,
a SICA sponsored project, hosts
special Valentine's event in NYC 


The Women Worldwide Initiative, founded by Uraidah Hassani, hosts a One Billion Rising event, LOVE, LIGHT & LYRICS, at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City on Valentine's Day. The event is a community's call to spread love and end violence. It features spoken word artists, poets, educators, and activists. 


ONE BILLION RISING is Eve Ensler's global movement to demand an end to gender-based violence.

Mahalia Ward delights in         Joffrey Ballet's "American Legends" now playing Chicago


"American Legends" features Jerome Robbins' 1945 work Interplay, Gerald Arpino's classic Sea Shadow, and the Company Premiere of a Twyla Tharp classic, Nine Sinatra Songs, capturing the social dancing of the 1950's


Writes Chicago Tribune critic, Sid Smith: "I worried I'd seen Twyla Tharp's "Nine Sinatra Songs" one time too many. But Wednesday's cast made it pert, fresh and seductive all over again, the dancers relishing the chance to luxuriate in ballroom antics not typical of their repertory. Calmels and Daly, Jaiani and Lucas Segovia and the hilarious Mahallia Ward and Graham Maverick earn special mention."  Bravo!

Hamish Barker and his lifelong   
love affair with Music 


One of Hamish's earliest memories was listening to a song on the radio and feeling this enormous sense of wonderment - like standing at the doorway to another world, strange yet enticingly familiar.
And so his love of music began - and never stopped.
"Over many years doing latihan, I've observed how my musical life has run parallel in many ways to my inner process.  Similar purifications, re-evaluations, and letting go of old ways to discover new talents and new ways of working.  More on Hamish and his music here.  


Here's a track from his album, Promise, called Mellow.  Have a listen.

Zone 4 Subud Gathering, Wolfsburg, April 30 - May 4


With such a great diversity of cultures, languages, talents, and traditions, there is great opportunity for new discoveries, new collaborations, new connections, and growth at this very special gathering. Thank you Ismanah Maria Schulze-Vorberg, Emma Nissen, Robiyan Easty, and team! And special thanks to Leuthold Aulig for his delighful illustration above.


We also hear that some very very special SICA activities are in the works as well! Watch this space for details. I'm going and hope many of our national SICA members and reps will join me there! Click on the image above for more information and to register.

Lucianne Lassalle

Born in Paris in 1960, now living in Dumfries, Scotland, Lucianne  has made sculpture since she was a child.  She grew up among artists: her mother is a potter, her father Leonard Lassalle is a painter, and her Aunt Sylvette David was Picasso's model in 1953. (David's daughter, Isabel Coulton, was featured in our last Update!) 


"I see the human body as the interface between the mental, emotional and spiritual processes inside and the external manifestation of these in the world. I am fascinated by the beauty of the human form, impelled and inspired to make sculpture"

SICA's Call for Recipes


SICA is publishing a superb new cookbook reflecting the exciting international cuisines of Subud members, including celebratory foods and foods prepared as a part of family and religious traditions.  


This is a call for YOUR recipes
Please submit your special recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, vegetables, entrees, desserts, beverages, celebratory foods, and foods prepared as a part of your family and religious traditions. And please share your understanding of the history and family traditions connected with your submissions.  


Email submissions  to Hamidatun Karapetian by March 31 2013. 
Image: Museo Civico de Padua, 16th C.  
SICA Australia and the Inner Magnificence Ball at the Australian National Congress 
Courtesy Subud Voice, Number 25
Feburary 2013 


Little Miss Sunshine, aka Margaret Foulkes, summed up the essence of Subud Australia's 2013 Congress with her costume for the Inner Magnificence Ball.

"Everyone came up with special costumes and head gear for the Inner Magnificence Ball... assisted by Libby Wroxham in her SICA wearable art workshops," writes Subud Voice whose current issue features a terrific spread on this event.  

SICA featured Mariani New's spectacular headdress in our last Update.  Now, thanks to the Voice, here's more.

Kudos to the Subud Australia Congress team - and to Halimah Russ, SICA Australia and her team! 
Help Build Our Congress Cultural Program Fund


Help us create experiences that can give you memories for a lifetime. 


Thank you and God bless from  
all of us at SICA.

Thank you thank you thank you dear Susannah!

Susannah Rosenthal, artist, entrepreneur, teacher, SICA activist, long time friend and dear sister, has resigned as Vice Chair of SICA to make room for new adventures in her life.
We shall sorely miss her and send volumes of thanks and good wishes for many blessings -- and good fun for her and her loved ones now and always.  
With love from our SICA Board

Latifah Taormina, Felix Juan Prieto, Rosario Moir, Rosetta Narvaez, Ericia Sapir, and Sebastian Flynn.  
See you on our SICA site and on our SICA Fanpage on Facebook!