...phantom pain...


A person who has had an arm or a leg amputated, often experiences 'phantom' pain in the arm or leg that no longer exists.  Although medical science can't completely explain such pain, its existence is never doubted. 


If we read the stories of Jesus closely, we cannot ignore his empathetic nature.  It is his empathy that allows Jesus to weep over those who are in pain.  It is with empathy that he teaches, "as you have done it unto the least of these, you've done it unto me." 


Comedians and impersonators frequently mock Former President Bill Clinton with his "I feel your pain" mantra.  But if there was ever a person who walked this earth, and actually felt our pain, it was Jesus.  And he didn't just feel our pain back then...when he walked the earth 2000 years ago.  He still feels our pain today, though physically separated from us.  When we cause pain to others, his phantom pain returns.


As followers of Jesus' teachings, we too should find ourselves experiencing phantom pain.  When we see persecution and alienation of different races...we should feel their pain.  When we see those of different faiths being mistreated, due to the actions of the more radical members of their faith...we should feel their pain.  When we see children with empty lunch boxes, and pregnant women without pre-natal health care...we should feel their pain. 


A requirement to being a Christian, is the ability to feel phantom pain...whenever one of the "least of these" is being wronged.


No water today...just priming the pump.

~ Rex

Every Saturday, 5:30 pm
Communion - Prayers - Music - Message

During the next few weeks, Rex will conclude his sermon series on our resolute intentions to live out our faith with authenticity.  Beginning on February 21, as we begin the season of Lent, Rex's sermons will focus upon the "Keys to the Kingdom."  He will address such issues as baptism, prayer, awareness, and spiritual life.  


Come and worship!  Everyone is always welcome!


Pam Jennings, coordinator

February SuperSaturday - Valentine Factory

February 7, 6:30-8:30


Super Kids (Teens and Tweens) will have a "heartwarming" evening at our February SuperSaturday!  They will be making Valentines for the families living at Haven House during our annual Valentine Service Project.


The study of parables of Jesus will continue with The Wedding Feast, Luke 14:7-16.  The kids will also have a feast of their own (dinner) during the evening.


We have lots of Valentines to make! This is a great time to invite friends to SuperSaturday. 


Super Songbirds (children aged 4-9) will also be making Valentines, having dinner, and playing Valentine games at SuperSaturday on February 7th.  Their topic will be God Loves Us All - including each of them!  


Please help us plan for dinner - RSVP to Pam.


Songbirds Valentine Party

Saturday, February 14, 5:30-6:30


Children in child care (Songbirds) and going to have a Valentine's Party! The party will be on Valentine's Day, February 14, during child care.  Children will have a craft, make Valentine Bags and enjoy a simple snack.  All children are invited to bring Valentines to share with others.  Please sign the children's names on the back of the card but do not address the envelope.


Coming Soon!

March 7 SuperSaturday


The Super Kids topic:  The Parable of the Two Builders  

Super Songbirds topic: The House of God


Jumpin' January - Always a Great Time

Songbirds enjoyed a fun evening on January 3rd at Jumpin' January! 

Take a look!







Jenny Bosworth, coordinator

Volunteers are needed for Center for Autism's Trivia Night on March 27. We need folks to help with registration, raffle tickets, table runners for the answer sheets, and judging. Money raised at the event goes to supplement programs for the Center for Autism's preschool, the school, and the adult day services. Contact Jenny Bosworth ( or Laura Roy ( for more information or to sign up.


Girl's Night Out

It's February, so we must go in search of something sweet!  Ladies, watch your email inbox for an invite with all the details about our upcoming GNO on February 20.   


All Church Pizza Party

We are all invited to the home of Tom and Sally Boyd following worship on February 28.  Everyone is welcome!  All are invited!  We'll order some pizzas, kick back, and enjoy each other's company.  No pressure...just fun.



In math class we were taught the equation for measuring a circle's circumference.  We understood most of the equation...a circumference ... a radius.  And even if we didn't understand what pi was, we knew its value to be 3.1415.  Well, only once every 100 years does our calendar have a day whose date is pi (3.14.15).  And since that date corresponds this century with one of our Saturday worship dates, we are planning a special celebration.  (Yeah, we're always looking for some reason to party!)  Anyway, following worship on March 14th, we'll have a great pie celebration.  Bring your favorite savory pie, or your favorite fruit pie, or your favorite cream get the idea.  



Spotlight on Pam Jennings

Pam Jennings is one of New Song's most vital volunteers. We're all aware that she helps lead worship on a weekly basis, and that she directs our children's ministry, but most of her energy is actually spent "behind the scenes."  In the area of worship, Pam recruits our readers, provides special readings, and bakes our bread.  To insure a quality children's program, Pam writes our curriculum, arranges crafts, directs missions, and trains our teachers and caregivers.  In short, Pam volunteers hours and hours of service to New Song each and every week.  So, the next time you see her running around on Saturday night, remember to stop her, say thanks and give her a hug! We love you, Pam!


Congratulations to Chris Bosworth, who was selected by the International Neuropsychological Association to receive the Dr. Nelson Butters Award for Outstanding Research Presented by a Post-doctoral Resident.  He will be presented with the award at the INS conference in Denver this February. Great job, Chris!


Thank you to Judy and Darrell Faires, Jr. for providing the meal for SuperSaturday in January. 


Thanks to Jenny Bosworth who was the guest teacher at SuperSaturday in January.  She talked with the children about missions and together, they planned the January party for children at Gateway 180.


A big thanks goes out to all the volunteers who helped make our party for the kids at Gateway180 so much fun: Emily Cook, Adam Faires, Morgan Hurst, Amanda Holguin, Sally Boyd, Pam and Michael Jennings, Bree Hardin, Rachel See, and Chris and Jenny Bosworth.  The kids had a blast with Valentine's Day crafts, cookie decorating, building giant towers out of plastic cups, face painting and nail painting, musical instruments, BINGO, and more! Thanks also to Andi Boyd for loaning us her parachutes for the party!






We have been praying for Sally Boyd's lifelong friend, Natalie, since she was severely injured in a car accident in September.  Here is a note from her family:


Dear Christian Friends,


You know the bible tells, "prayers are a sweet savor unto God."  We thank you, sweet friends, for all thoughts and prayers on behalf of Natalie McDonald.


God, walking through brilliant and caring medical staffs and unity of prayer has provided a "miracle" in Natalie's life.  After lying partially paralyzed in a coma for months-she can walk some with assistance and have some conversation and smile.


We thank each of you and ask God to bless each of your needs.


In Christian Love,

The McDonald and Williams Families


Dear Ms Bosworth & New Song Church,


Thank you for your generous donation received in November.  Your thoughtful contribution helps Gateway180: Homelessness Reversed continue to empower adults and families as they work to become independent and permanently housed.


Thank you so much!  I look forward to your group serving us in January.



Abby Nolen

Volunteer Coordinator


Please pray for:


  • the continued health and healing of Mickey Pierce, Natalie McDonald, Denise Stookesberry and Heather Burkett.  
  • Rev. Jim Merrill and family on the death of his wife. 
  • those persons who find the winter months to be times of emotional loneliness and isolation. 







6:30SuperSaturday: Valentine Factory

5:30Songbirds: Valentine Party
20Friday7:00Girl's Night Out
21Saturday5:30Worship: First Saturday of Lent

6:45Pizza Party @ Sally & Tom Boyd's
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March 7SuperSaturday

March 14Pi-R-Great

March 28Palm Saturday

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