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I'm in the mood for love x

This is the month for love so I'm sharing with you my Valentine Love Luxuries - quick and effective ways to bring a touch of glamour and romance to your bedroom. It's all about the senses x


I've also opened up the doors to my Spring interior design master class - the Secret Design Party - which will give you new skills and teach you professional techniques to create your stylish and healthy home. It's an exclusive event so places are limited. As you've always supported me over the years, I sent you a personal invitation yesterday so check it out if you want to create the home of your dreams. See the article below for further details. 


As always, thanks for your support and encouragement. I'm now writing my book on 'memories to cherish' which is my interior design journey. I already have two willing people ready to buy it so I aim to get it finished and published by the end of this year. Wish me luck on that.


Gwendoline x




Romance is in the air as we approach Valentine Day next week. Whether you love it or hate it, this is a great time of year to evaluate your home and rekindle the love.

If you love your home it will love you back.

With our busy lifestyles, it's very easy to grow out of love for our space as we take it for granted. Every day we get up, sort ourselves out, go to work, come home, collapse and go to bed.
Like any partnership, once you get into the swing of a relationship it can become comfortable, predictable or mundane. We lose the spark and need to re-ignite the love for our home.

Re-igniting the Love in our homes helps to energise and invigorate us. It gives us vigour and excitement so that we feel special.

Why only feel loved on one day of the year?
Create a space that will make you feel special every day.

Dr Cath. was a guest at my interior design workshop -  Secret Design Party - looking for ideas and inspiration to rekindle the love for her master bedroom. 

Dr Cath Spencer-Smith
(Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician)

"I wasn't really expecting this afternoon to be such fun. I came from a busy working day and Gwendoline was fascinating. I've come to take my master bedroom for granted. It was a nice way to go back with enthusiasm and to re-spark that first love I had when I bought my flat originally."

If you'd like to re-spark the love in your master bedroom, then here are my top Valentine Love Luxuries:

We all enjoy a sensual touch because it calms and soothes us, helping us to relax and unwind, to get in the mood for love.

Adding texture to your bedroom will enhance the sense of touch, particularly with softer materials such as fabulous faux fur, sumptuous velvet, fluffy wool and silky soft satin. Blend them together to create an explosion of sensory texture.

My favourite way of incorporating texture in the master bedroom is with  a luxurious throw

You can wrap it around you and snuggle into it on a cold night. You can style it in different ways to create a variety of looks for your bed. You can bring a touch of colour and pattern into your space for added interest and appeal. It's quick, fabulous and absolutely #gorgeous. x

My second luxury would be to add sound to the master bedroom to create a romantic setting.

The right sounds can help you breathe better, lose weight, beat pain and get through surgery, but hopefully none of these will be necessary on Valentine Day.

Natural noises, such as the sea and birdsong, help to reduce stress, creating a soothing and calming environment. But maybe you don't want whale song and should choose your favourite music.

I love the idea of an old style record player in the master bedroom. If you're as old as me then you'll remember the sound of the records spinning around and the scratchy bits that added texture to the notes.

Sound will invigorate you or help you to relax. It's ideal for getting into the groove of love. x

Subdued lighting is key for a romantic bedroom as it helps to set the scene, heightens the senses and can mask your wobbly bits. Yeah x

There are lots of different lights available but I don't think you can beat a luxury candle on valentine Day.
It not only gives you light but also scent. I'd far rather receive a luxury candle than a bunch of roses (hint to hubby x) because it lasts so much longer and the scents are amazing.

(With my fire safety hat on - please always make sure your candle is in a suitable container and on a heat proof mat so that it doesn't ruin your furniture or cause untold damage. Also make sure that you blow it out properly before you leave the room. Thanks x) 

I hope my Valentine Love Luxuries will help to bring love and happiness to your home.  

If, like Dr. Cath, you'd like to rekindle the love in your home then reserve your seat and be a guest at my next interior design master class - the Secret Design Party. See below for more details.

Looking forward to sharing a healthier year with you in 2018
Lots of Love x




Gwendoline x
BIID Interior Designer
Radio, Conference & Event Speaker
Tel: 07841 519802
I'm excited to announce the launch of my interior design master class, the Secret Design Party.

It's an exclusive event, based centrally in London, where you can build your knowledge, learn new skills and gain confidence to create your own stylish, healthy and happy space either at home or at work - your dream space that not only looks great but also works for your lifestyle and the way you love to live.

The Secret Design Party ensures that you receive personal value from our time together:

  • Secret Steps are my interior design fundamentals that will  help you create a #gorgeous space without feeling overwhelmed with interior design. They will help you to reduce stress, save time and optimise your budget for any interior design project.
  • Secret Design Insights with real life examples to help you think like a designer and create your dream space.
  • Colour Quiz to help you identify the right colour scheme for any space, so you never feel confused with colour again.
  • Where To Start with my designer toolkit of ideas, you'll always have inspiration.
  • Secret Design Skills with interior design party games that build on your knowledge so you feel confident with your new skills to create your own stylish and healthy space
  • Designer Styling with my exclusive magic trick that will add a personal touch to your space and impress your friends
  • #everydaygorgeous Top Tips to organise your space so that it always looks amazing
  • Questions with Gwendoline so that you have your own interior design dilemmas answered by a professional
  • Free coffee, tea and water throughout the event, and a celebratory glass of fizz to conclude the party

After the Secret Design Party, you'll take away:

  • Party Pack, a designer toolkit of information that's been tailored to you, filled with my design templates, handouts and nuggets of knowledge.
  • Invitation to my private Secret Design Party Facebook group for on-going support, discussions and design inspiration.
  • Secret Finds goody bag of exclusive award winning products.

With the knowledge, skills, insights, support and increased confidence, you'll have the foundations to create your ideal stylish, healthy and happy space.
Next week I'll share with you Cory's dilemma which was how to bring together a room when each person has their own opinions that don't always match.
Cory (Time Management Expert)
"I've come out of the secret design party with a whole different approach to go in to deciding what should go into my home, based on lifestyle and functionality."

If you'd like to create your dream space that not only looks great but also works for your lifestyle and the way you love to live, sign up today to be a guest at my interior design master class:

(As this is a small group event with limited spaces, I recommend you sign up today to avoid disappointment.)

Looking forward to sharing a healthier year with you in 2018 and hopefully I'll be welcoming you as a guest at
my interior design master class

Lots of Love x



Gwendoline x
BIID Interior Designer
Radio, Conference & Event Speaker
Tel: 07841 519802
If this designer digest will benefit someone you know then please feel free to pass it on to them.





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