How do you show love?

Celebrate your loved ones Feb. 14th

Call before Superbowl Sunday Feb. 7th
"Love You Lots" Rose Bouquet

Don't forget your mom!


Velvet Chip, Chocolate, Funfetti
Vanilla, Marble, Oreo

Pour Your Heart Out Cake

Tell someone how you really feel <3

Feeds 10


Eat Me Up Image Cupcakes

We present, the most beautiful cupcake in the world - the one with their (your) face on it.

Velvet Chip, Chocolate, Funfetti,
Vanilla, Marble, Oreo

Straight Dipped Strawberries

My Heart is Yours, Cake

Luscious red velvet cake with chocolate chips baked right into it.
Sliced and filled with fluffy cookies and cream whipped cream.
Topped with rich smooth chocolate ganache icing.
Pure love in every bite.

Classic Rosette Bouquet


Velvet Chip, Chocolate, Funfetti,
Vanilla, Marble, Oreo
Heart Shaped Cookie Cake

Queen Size - $20

King Size - $30

Chocolate Chip
Pull-Apart Heart


Velvet Chip, Chocolate, Funfetti,
Vanilla, Marble, Oreo
2 4 Me 2 4 U French Macarons


Vanilla, Chocolate, Rose, Pistachio
Hot Cocoa Bomb Pops

Watch as the combination of hot milk and chocolate give birth to the cutest little marshmallow babies.

Conversation Heart

Tell someone you love them without actually telling someone you love them



D-licious choux pastry filled with creamy vanilla custard and dipped in rich ganache chocolate in a naughty shape
(stay up to date on Instagram for a sneak peak!)

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