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Come join us for our 2018 Garden Clinics

These talks are casual, uncomplicated, and chock full of helpful information by experts in the field. There will be handouts, good company, and useful tips.
 Bring a friend and have some fun!

February 10 - Edible Landscaping with Fruit - with Sonia Schloeman, Umass Extension Small Fruit Specialist
Sonia will discuss how to combine form & function and integrate small fruit plant varieties into a decorative & ornamental landscape 
February 17 - The Art of Pruning
with Dan Ziomek, HGC Nursery Manager
Dan will talk about how, when and why to prune trees and shrubs. He will give a demonstration and answer any questions.

February 24 -  No Till Vegetable Gardening
with Ricky Baruc, Seeds of Solidarity Farm & Education Center
Ricky will talk about ways of building soil and nourishing soil life using sustainable no-till methods.

March 3 - Pollinator Habitat Design for all Seasons
with Master Gardeners, Larri Cochran & Peggy MacLeod from WMass Pollinator Networks.
Larri & Peggy will discuss ways of tweaking your home garden design to serve the needs of native Bees & Butterflies year round.

All Clinics are on Saturdays beginning at 1:00 pm.
They are free, but space is limited, so come early. Additional parking available next door at All About Learning.

For further information please call 413-584-1423
Colorful New Seed Varieties
Let's try something new to grow!
Onion Sowing for Success
Bulbing onions' bulb growth is triggered by day length, which varies with latitude. Starting onions seeds early in the season (likely indoors) produces larger leaf growth prior to day length, triggering bulb growth, which means a better potential for large bulbs, since onion bulbs are actually an extension of the above-ground leaves.

When to sow outside: 4 to 6 weeks before average last frost, or as soon as soil can be worked; when soil temperature is at least 45°F. In mild climates, sow in late summer or early fall.
When to start inside: RECOMMENDED.
Bulbing Onions

In cold climates, seeds should be started indoors 10 to 12 weeks ahead of your average last spring frost. In mild climates, sow seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks prior to transplanting in late summer or early fall.
Leeks and Shallots

Leeks and shallots are similar to onions-the bigger the transplant, the better potential for larger product-so start these early (8 to 10 weeks before average last spring frost). Shallots are cold hardy and can also be transplanted out in the fall, and over-wintered in any USDA zone.
Bunching Onions

Sow bunching onions indoors 8 to 10 weeks before average last frost.

Use a lightweight seed-starting mix/media (sterile, and lighter than potting mix), and sow seeds ½" deep about ½" apart. Thinning is not necessary. When seedlings get tall, they may begin to flop over; if this happens, trim them to 3" tall to keep them upright.

Seed Rack
February News
February is here and it’s time to head out in the yard and start pruning. The dormant season allows us to see what we are pruning and our cuts will heal faster. Fruit trees are usually the first plants we tackle. Apples and Pears can be vigorously pruned now, Peaches, Plums and Cherries, we wait until after bloom to prune. All deciduous plants can be pruned now as well. The rule of thumb however is to prune spring blooming plants (Forsythia, Lilac, etc.) after they bloom. Whereas summer blooming plants (Hydrangea, Butterfly bush, etc.) are pruned in the early spring. A few plants to avoid pruning now are Maples, Dogwoods and Birches due to their excessive bleeding. No matter what you are pruning make sure to have clean, sharp tools and use the correct tool for the job at hand.  
c oming soon
Despite the recent snowstorms the days are getting longer and we are inching closer to spring. We have had great turnouts at our Saturday free clinics so be sure to check the list to see what's coming up. Our seed racks are full, in particular, we have almost all the exciting new varieties you saw in the Botanical Interests video. A visit to our Houseplant greenhouse is always a wonderful, warm experience so don't forget to take advantage of our Primrose special this time of year. They are a wonderful buy at $2.99 each, 3 for $6.00. Treat yourself or brighten someone's day. We look forward to seeing everyone soon as we are gearing up for spring.

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