February Specials

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Valentine's/Galentine's Day

Swap Your Tox- Try Daxxify (1st time) for the same price as Botox/Dysport.

Buy two syringes of RHA, get one FREE ($600 value).

Get a 60-minute facial for $50 with the purchase of $500 worth of injectables.

Get a FREE brow wax with the purchase of a brow and lash tint ($15 savings).

Purchase a series of Glytone Peels (3), get a Glytone Soothing Lipid Recovery Cream FREE ($50 value).

Get a Microdermabrasion/Facial/Dermaplane for $120 ($20 savings), plus add a mini peel to that service for an additional $10 (another $15 savings).

Get a series of Perfect Peels (3) for $450 ($75 savings).

Take 20% off all Supracor products, face, pedi, bath, and body. (exp. 2/14)

As always, we will have gift cards available for purchase.

*Offers valid the whole month of February


Barrier Pro

NEW Barrier Pro Cleanser and Moisturizer Duo by Colorescience.

Designed to boost every skincare regimen by helping to support skin barrier health and a balanced microbiome, the Colorescience Barrier Pro Collection enhances skin’s natural radiance for softer, smoother, and a more youthful-looking appearance.

The synergistic 1-Step Cleanser (no need to double cleanse!) and Essential Moisturizer Duo protects and restores skin’s barrier and improves its natural resilience. In the daytime, skin is optimally prepared for application of treatments and sunscreen, while leaving skin refreshed and reset each night.

Bundle- $100.....Cleanser- $43.....Moisturizer- $75

Anniversary Sale

Be prepared for March 12th-25th, for Colorescience's anniversary sale. Save money and get a free gift; details to follow in March's newsletter.

Daxxify Coupon

Starting now through March 31st get a $75 coupon when you get Daxxify.


*Can be banked with a deposit of $250*


Take 20% off all Epionce Lytic treatments, that includes: Lite Lytic Tx, Lytic Tx, Lytic Plus Tx, and Lytic Sport Tx, from February 5th -16th , 2024.

"Boost regimen results with a Lytic Tx product formulated with key botanicals to retexturize the skin and smooth the appearance of imperfections, uneven tone and visible signs of aging." -Epionce

  1. Works well on redness and rosacea. Loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  2. Hard working on acne. Kills all the acne activators without irritation.
  3. Anti-aging powerhouse when used with Renewal Facial Cream, Lotion and Lite Lotion. Patients receive equal results to prescription tretinoin .05% without any irritation.
  4. Can use Lytic Treatments up to the day of a treatment ~ that is right, no cycling off like retinols
  5. Lite Lytic Tx can be used for infant acne, cradle cap, during pregnancy and breast feeding.


Are you looking for something that exfoliates, stimulates, and rejuvenates your skin?

Supracor's revolutionary personal care products feature Stimulite®honeycomb. Stimulite's specially engineered cellular matrix works in a myriad of ways to relieve pressure, stimulate blood flow and promote cellular renewal. Can be used wet or dry!

Facial Scrubber $15 ...... Pedi Scrubber $16

Bath Mitt $35 ...... Body Exfoliator $39  

Through February 14th, get 20% off Supracor products.


We have two (2) Vivier Anti-Aging kits left, the original price is $350, get them now for $300 ($50 savings). 

Receive a free Vivier Nightly Age-Defying Moisturizer ($100 savings) with the purchase of any Vivier Program Kit.

Available online at vivierskin.com and in store until February 14th, 2023, 11:59 p.m. E.T. Use code SERUM25 to apply a 25% discount on all Vivier Vitamin C serums (includes: Serum 10, Kinē-C, C E PEPTIDES, QuintiSerum™, GrenzCine Serum, and Radiance Serum).


*Terms and Conditions: Applies only to purchases made through skinbetter.com. Receive a free Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment ‌15‌ ml ‌($48 value)‌ for any skinbetter.com order greater than ‌$‌249‌ (two hundred and forty-nine dollars), receive a free Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment ‌15‌ ml and an EyeMax AlphaRet Overnight Cream ‌5‌ ml ‌($90 value)‌ for any skinbetter.com order greater than ‌$349‌ (three hundred and forty-nine dollars), before shipping and taxes, if applicable, from ‌February ‌1‌, ‌2024‌ (‌12‌:‌01‌am‌ ‌PST‌) until ‌February‌ ‌8‌, ‌2024‌ (‌11‌:‌59‌pm‌ ‌PST‌), while supplies last. 


Take Vivier's serum quiz to find out which one is best for you!

Find Out the Right Way to Use Vitamin C Serum.


With us offering 3 different types of neurotoxins, not as many people are getting Dysport anymore, we have made the decision to book all of our Dysport appointments in the same week. That being said we will start booking appointments the first week of every month for Dysport.


Hair loss has quickly become a frontrunner in concerns. 

DE|RIVE is a biomimetic exosome treatment that can be microneedled into the scalp via Scarlet to stimulate inactive follicles. It is a plant based stem cell that improves the communication between your cells and stimulates them to increase blood supply, decrease DHT (kills cells), reduce inflammation, and germinate follicles. Previously there has been a lot of controversy around stem cells due to the source, but no fear with these! All plant based and bioavailable. These stem cells will reactivate viable dormant follicles to increase hair growth and density with ZERO side effects. The only people that are not candidates are people with no active follicles.

This will be a 6 month all inclusive program that will include 4 treatments done at months 1, 2, 3, & 6 and all your home care products: shampoo, conditioner, serum, supplements, exosomes, pillowcase, and a brush.

*Maintenance will vary from person to person after the 6 month regimen has been completed*

Skin Squad Membership!!!

Join Skin Squad and choose your preferred tier level, you then will receive special member pricing on services, products, VIP promos and even get a birthday credit!

To join, fill out and email us the form below and then call with your credit card information. 

Program Information


Get $30 off a 5ml bottle of Latisse.

Get $100 off your second filler syringe and each additional one as well! Huge savings and you can combine with Alle points for even more savings!

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Price Increases

All of our vendors have implemented at least one price increase (some multiple) over the last couple of years as well as our general & medical supply distributors. We have tried to not pass those on. Unfortunately, the time has come that we must make some changes. You will see a small price increase in retail as well as some services.

Covid and Vaccine Updates


Updated Covid vaccine boosters are being advised now for a lot of the population. We are still suggesting a 2 week window between Botox or Dysport and vaccine or a 4 week window between filler and vaccine. Too close with filler can cause nodules and Botox or Dysport can make the Botox or Dysport ineffective.  


We are no longer requiring masks, however if you would prefer us to wear one, we are happy to do so. Just let us know when scheduling or at your reminder call. If you have an appointment, please call upon arrival and wait in your car until we signal we are ready so we can ensure everything has been disinfected adequately. If you have an appointment and have been advised to quarantine or are having symptoms, we are happy to reschedule. 

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