flower arrangement
flower arrangement
Hope you are staying warm during these cold months. January always has gone by quickly for me, I've been out of the store and at showrooms and tradeshows all month finding amazing products that are wholesome, useful, giftable, and fashionable. If you follow our social media you have had a glimpse of this process.

This is also a time of year that we clear out odds and sods - there is a CLEARANCE AREA full of items 25-75% off, as well as prints, furniture, clothing, and jewelry throughout the store.

Crafted Decor is also full of beautiful botanical arrangements (made in-house and one-of-a-kind). Add freshness, colour and flowers to your decor to get you through these long winter months (now that the sparkle and colours of Christmas are gone).

This newsletter features :

Valentines Day Gift Ideas
NEW Introductions From Our Best Sellers
News You Can Use
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and though many of you may no longer hold this day with the significance it had earlier in a relationship; featured are some great ideas we would like to share with you as a gesture of appreciation for your partner.
Aromatherapy continues to be a popular product as people search for natural ways to enhance their well-being. Finesse Home has been supplying the spa industry (for over 20 years) with pure essential oils that have been rigorously tested for purity and have been acquired from distilleries in the country of origin of each plant species.

Use these oil and oil blends in a diffuser, or on products designed to hold aromatherapy oils such as our stainless steel necklaces, car vent clip-on, and natural stone bracelets.

Choose from oils for relaxation or stimulation, we even stock carrier oils such as: grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, and sweet almond oil for massaging essential oils into the skin.
Floral Arrangements
flower arrangement
flower arrangement
What better way to enjoy flowers than a permanent botanical - no watering necessary, and enjoyed all year long. Given the quality of flowers and the artistic creations available at Crafted Decor, this gift is one-of-a-kind just like your partner.
FarmHouse Fresh
farmhouse fresh
Treat your partner to a luxurious and effective skincare line, sure to make her feel pampered and rejuvenated. While FarmHouse fresh is a very small, farm-based company as compared to the multitude of million dollar skincare brands, they continually receive lots of media coverage and win numerous awards. Most importantly, in the last 6 out of 7 years, FarmHouse Fresh has won awards from American Spa's Professional's Choice Awards; making it a clear endorsement by industry professionals. You will find the very same products we sell being used in some of the most prestigious spas in North American and around the world.

As well, they dedicate team hours towards their own animal rescues and fund local rescue groups to save forgotten and abused animals. Every purchase you make from FarmHouse Fresh helps them help animals.

Sugarfina logo

For Her
Champagne Bears
Pink Chocolate Rose Bears
Tequila Grapefruit Sours

For Him
Cuba Libre
Moscow Mule Bears
Single Malt Scotch Cordials
Vodka Cordials

Sugarfina is a gourmet candy for grownups, featuring the finest, highest quality sweets, sourced from small artisan candymakers from around the world. The have a huge celebrity following, as well as tonnes of press because they are so giftable. Will be arriving in a few days

Not only would they make an excellent gift for your Valentine; they are a must have party favour for celebrations such as: baby showers, engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, anniversary parties, anniversary parties,etc
Maison Berger
Love is in the air, make it extra special with a beautiful fragrance lofting through the air. What is more romantic than a fragrance from France? Having the largest Maison Berger boutique in Canada means you will find something perfect your Valentine.

There are gorgeous lamps to choose from as well as sensual, floral, and sweet fragrances such as: Paris Chic, Luxurious Venice, Sensual Bouquet, Floral Passion, Delicate Osmanthus, and many more.

Don't forget that there is even a fragrance by a famous French fashion designer and perfumer Lolita Lempika, if you would like to give an extra special gift.

As well, Crafted Decor carries many candles and reed diffusers in the same wonderful fragrances designed by Maison Berger
Sid Dickens
Sid Dickens tiles are an expression of sentiment permanently displayed through art. Hand made in Canada, with beautiful meanings on the back; this exclusive, internationally collected art is sure to impress your Valentine and be a lasting moment of that love.
New Introductions
 From Our Best Sellers
Remember to use Lampe Berger for its original purpose!
With cold and flu season upon us, Maison Berger is an effective, non-toxic, century old method to
prevent the spread of airborne viruses

10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Lamp

  1. While burning, the Lampe Berger fuel generates a natural ozone in the air, removing bacteria and preventing illness
  2. Breaks down second-hand smoke, removing it from the air
  3. Kills dust mites
  4. Prevents mold growth
  5. Removes cooking and bathroom smells as well as pet odours from the air
  6. Releases negative ions, which strengthens the immune system.
  7. Repels insects
  8. Removes airborne dust
  9. Can kill fleas
  10. Pet-friendly
Fuel Price Increase
Effective March 1st, Maison Berger has implemented a price increase for Lampe Berger fuel. This is the first price increase of fuel in all the years Crafted Decor has been selling Lampe Berger (16-17 years).

500ml from $24 to $25

1L from $40 to $42

There is a great selection of fuel in stock for those of you who would like to get fuel before the price increase.
Discontinued Fuel Scents
There are MANY scents that are being discontinued by Maison Berger to make room for the many NEW scents that will be introduced in the next few months. If any of these are your favourite, and you would like to buy more than is available in stock, please let the staff know and we can order it in for you.

Citrus Leaves
Daring Pepper
Extreme Orange
Forest Mist
Fresh Eucalyptus (changing scent)
Luxurious Venice
Magnificent Vetiver
Majestic Sequoia
Mineral Oakmoss
Soap Memories
Savoury Apple Tart
Sensual Bouquet
Under the Fig Tree
Wild Berries
It is Sid Dickens' 25th anniversary this year!
To celebrate, Sid is releasing 2 collections this spring

The 25th Anniversary Collection

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Memory Blocks, I am excited to present a collection that represents my personal aesthetic and style. These designs capture my early roots as an artist and my appreciation of mystical and spiritual symbolism. The black and white finish enhance the imagery and architectural elements, again, bringing back a patina that historically was an original aesthetic unique to my work.

Click on each collection below for a more detailed version
Spring 2019 - The Transformation Collection

Colorful florals and birds, complimented by Sid’s signature elements of dimension, bring this collection together to highlight the extraordinary splendor that comes with the spring season. The bright and fresh imagery encompassed in this collection gives us an uplifting outlook for what lies ahead for the rest of the year. 
If you would like one of these tiles on the first shipment (due to arrive around the end of February). Please stop by or call (905 567 9795) to leave a deposit. The following shipment will be delivered at the end
of April.
Amalfi citron
vetiver seagrass
Trapp Candles is the longest line carried at Crafted Decor (almost 20 years). It has a huge fan base and we ship customer favourites across the country. At Trapp, it's all about the fragrance. That's why they guarantee every product will fill a room with fragrance within minutes.

There are two NEW fragrances from Trapp Candles:

No 72 Amalfi Citron
A blend of sparkling citrus and sun-warmed tropical fruits
paired with champagne to make a lively fragrance.
The notes capture the spirit of the breathtaking Amalfi Coast -
famous for cultivating citrus fruits atop terraced seaside gardens. 
Fragrance Notes: Sparkling Citrus, Tropical Fruits, Champagne

No 73 Vetiver Seagrass
The warm, woody character of vetiver is brightened by
ozonic notes and salty seagrass.
Top notes of Satsuma mandarins, grapefruit, and currant
give this fragrance the perfect balance of
crisp greens, fresh air, and luscious fruits. 
Fragrance Notes: Ozone, Satsuma Mandarin, Fresh Vetiver

News You Can Use
If you love Caldrea, hurry in and stock up.
Caldrea is no longer available to buy through retail stores
SC Johnson ("a family company") has bought Caldrea. In the past they have bought companies they deem a threat and eventually shut them down, rumour has it that they offering stock online until it's depleted.

The good news is that I have walked through a great many showrooms and have done a great deal of research to find a replacement for Caldrea - I think you will like what I have found! It will be featured in a future newsletter when it arrives.
Earrings are continuing to be the focal point of jewelry fashion. Crafted Decor has the latest fashion trends in earrings in a multitude of colours and styles:

For those of you travelling and escaping these frigid temperatures,
a large shipment of fashion jewelry (especially earrings) has just arrived in neutrals, and summer colours. For bracelets and necklaces, the trend is towards large statement pieces or multiple dainty pieces. Make a fashion statement while on vacation - come in and get inspired by our selection.
Bathing Suit Cover-Ups
bathing suit cover
bathing suit cover
bathing suit cover
Due to arrive any day now, is a huge selection of unstructured dresses fabulous for bathing suite covers on a cruise or in a restaurant (most under $30).


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