Dear Gourmand, I am so sorry but I have to cancel my third French Culinary Trip for this March 2021. I have been waiting for updates from France and Fest D'Oie has been canceled, we can't even fly there, so I will be planning 2022 this coming June. You can let me know if I should save a seat for you!


Jamie and I wish you the best for 2021. I know there are some limitations, but as they say, we are in this together!

Will you be my valentine?
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Happy Valentines Day! Please allow me to help you have a romantic dinner without all the work. All you have to do is pick it up, reheat and light some candles! We will also post this on the website at

You can also simply fill out the information and send it to me via email at


I took a few days off over the New Year and it got me behind in food production for both my Farmer's Markets! We did some cross-country skiing around our pond (picture above) in the back of our farm in Indiana. It was so much fun!

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