Will you be my valentine?

Dear COOS Families,

"A friend loves at all times." is our scripture memory verse this month! It is so fun to be able to share Holidays here at the preschool. The joy filled responses we receive from the children is enough joy to fill the world! This joy comes to us knowing how much Jesus loves us and has forgiven us. This teaches us how to not only love each other but how to forgive each other!

The classrooms are all having a valentine snack party Friday morning. Please check in with your classroom teachers for details.

The preschool will be closed Monday, February 15th for the President's Day Holiday

Friday, March 5th is our annual parent conference day! It will be a little different this year because it will be on zoom. The classes required to participate are the Pre-K Hummingbirds, Sparrows and Chickadees. The other classes will receive a progress report too and you can sign up for an optional conference if you would like to check in with your child's teacher. The school is closed to children on March 5th conference day but the teachers and I will be here working!

Please sign up for conferences here:

https://forms.gle/bq7KyNGC3yv12Arc6 Hummingbirds Sign Up

https://forms.gle/iNjcdAppHARPSJuv8 Sparrows Sign Up

https://forms.gle/r8snKSXa9xi8h5Yz5 Chickadees Sign Up

https://forms.gle/UghkS2VPwuUG5GFBA Mockingbirds Sign Up

https://forms.gle/wN7bPHVH24e4Dcx57 Robins Sign Up

https://forms.gle/4CVgvmQ3Fr2qhZkd9 Blue Jays and Rosy Finches Sign Up

Blessings in Christ,