VALLEJO - On October 02, 2020, the Vallejo Police Department (VPD) Traffic Division conducted an abandoned vehicle abatement operation. The target of the operation was to address the close to 900 current complaints of abandoned vehicles on public streets throughout the city. The operation consisted of sworn and civilian personnel and covered all eight police beats. The results were 93 complaints checked, 56 vehicles gone on arrival, 30 vehicles towed, 6 vehicles tagged for tow, 1 unfounded, and 1 cited. 

Abandoned vehicles contribute to blight and are the subject of concern for many members of our community. The VPD Traffic Division conducts daily checks of abandoned vehicles throughout the city and periodically conducts large-scale abatement operations. Community members are encouraged to report abandoned vehicles in Vallejo by calling the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at 707-648-4682 or by filing an online report through the Vallejo Police Department website here.

For media inquiries, please contact Public Information Officer, Brittany K. Jackson by email at or by phone at (707) 651-7147. Visit for more news and information.