This is the first edition of the Valley Ridge District United Women in Faith. Please share it with others in your church and community. Help us spread the word of the mission of UWF- to empower women, care for children, educate and equip youth, care for the neglected, advocate for social justice issues, create economic opportunities and strengthen neighborhoods. Join us for any of our upcoming events as UWF continues to be God’s hands and feet in today’s world.

Valley Ridge District

United Women in Faith (UWF) News

February 1, 2023

A message from Betty Brossy,

District UWF President

When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path. – Psalm 142:3

Hello, United Women in Faith! Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Either with family, church, or personal events in your life? Well, that is how I’ve been feeling since 2023. Feelings of overwhelmedness (I’ve just made up a new word!) can be paralyzing, and the winter weather doesn’t help much. But what can we do to keep moving forward and not become static? I have found that just starting to do a big

thing in small chunks helps to get things moving.

That is how I think we are feeling now in the United Women in Faith. Overwhelmed! 2022 saw many changes – our name change from United Methodist Women to United Women in Faith, and our District names of Roanoke and Staunton merged into Valley Ridge United Women in

Faith. Our Mission Team met in January and we have planned many great events for the year. Some things will be familiar and some will be different. We ask that you have patience and maybe try something new in a new place, meeting new people. I am personally looking forward to going to Alta Mons in the spring for our retreat. Let’s not be afraid of thinking outside the box.

Stay tuned! More changes and good things are coming your way!

Overwhelmed or not, we need to keep moving forward. Help us to help you. If there is anything I or any of our officers can do, don’t be afraid to ask. We are here for you. Please feel free to contact me either by phone, email, or regular mail.

Blessings and peace. 

Valley Ridge District UWF Prayer Breakfast

You are invited to attend the Valley Ridge District UWF Lenten Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, March 18 at Augusta Street UMC, 325 N. Augusta Street, Staunton, VA. Registration begins at 9:00 AM and breakfast at 9:30 AM. Cost is $10.

More information coming soon!

Valley Ridge District UWF Spiritual Life Retreat

You are invited to attend the Valley Ridge District UWF Spiritual Life Retreat on Saturday, April 22 at Alta Mons Camp and Retreat Center in Shawsville, VA from 10 AM until 1 PM includes lunch. Pre event overnight accomodations will be available. Watch for more information in the next issue of the newsletter.

Note to Unit Treasurers

Make out your remittance checks payable to Valley Ridge District United Women in Faith. We will not be able to accept any checks made payable to Staunton District or Roanoke District UWF – they will be returned to you.

With the resignation of our new District UWF Treasurer, Betty Brossy will take are of these matters until such time as a new Treasurer is elected. Her contact information is at the end of the newsletter.

From the Dynamic Duo of

Education and Interpretation

The LIOP (Living Into Our Purpose) forms for 2022-2023 can be found on the Conference UWF Website (Word format). Printed copies of the LIOP will be shared in future newsletters.

Don’t panic! It’s not due until September BUT for now, it’s a great way to remind yourselves of things your unit can be doing to be sure we are, indeed, Living (programming, serving, studying, giving) into our Purpose (you’ve all memorized it, yes?, the one about being a community of women who are whole persons through Jesus Christ and expanding concepts of missions. . .yes, that’s it!). That’s where all of those categories and fulfilling suggestions come from. AND, at the end of the year we can tally up what we’ve done toward living into our purpose! 

Use it as a guide throughout the year to make sure your unit is heading in the right direction, and earn stars .

Send any questions or comments our way. Have a good year! Carolyn Manspile & Karen Dinkins

2023 Daily Prayer Guides and Response magazine help us connect and learn. Click on the button below to order yours today!

If you need help navigating the ordering process for these or other resources; reach out to Ramona Tolley, our District Reading Program and Resources Specialist for assistance.

Order All UWF Resources HERE

Camping Ministry

The Valley Ridge District supports two camps- one located within the District is Alta Mons Camp and Retreat Center and the other is Camp Overlook located in the Shenandoah Rivers District. United Women in Faith have representatives that connect us to each of the camps. Want to know more about how your unit can connect and support these camps? Contact Cindy Martin about Alta Mons and Betty Hairfield about Camp Overlook or click the links below.

Find information at Alta Mons Camp and Retreat Center HERE
Find information about Camp Overlook HERE

Valley Ridge District UWF 2023 Calendar

March 1: Hardcopy Newsletter Distribution (Deadline February 24)

March 18: Lenten Prayer Breakfast 9 AM Registration; 9:30 AM Breakfast at Augusta Street UMC, Staunton

April 2: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline April 1)

April 22: Spiritual Life Retreat 10 AM – 1 PM at Alta Mons Camp and Retreat Center, Shawsville (pre-event overnight accommodations available)

May 1: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline April 30)

June 1: Hardcopy Newsletter Distribution (Deadline May 26) will include all necessary forms for units to complete for 2023

June 3: Valley Ridge UWF Day Apart

July 1: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline June 30)

August 1: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline July 31)

August 12: District Team/Officers Meeting 10 AM at Trinity UMC, Lexington

September 1: Hardcopy Newsletter Distribution (Deadline August 26)

September 15: Deadline to send

  • Reading Program Report to Ramona Talley
  • List of Deceased members to Betsy Daughtrey
  • Living into our Purpose from to Education and Interpretation

October 1: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline September 1)

October 7: District Annual Meeting at 10 AM at St. Mark’s UMC in Daleville

November 1: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline October 31)

December 1: Electronic Newsletter Distribution (Deadline November 30)

December 2: Advent Breakfast 9 AM Registration; 9:30 AM Breakfast at Christ UMC, Staunton

Need assistance or have a question? Reach out to one of the Roanoke District UWF Leadership Team.

We are here to support your unit.


Betty Brossy                        

199 Brookwood Road, Staunton, VA 24401

(540)414-8518 (H) 571-278-7609 (C)



Angela Sills                        (540)951-1492


Secretary– TBD


Treasurer –TBD


Reading Program/Resources

Ramona Tolley        (540)556-5238


Betty Hairfield        (540)885-0765 

Cindy Martin (540)353-3412


Education and Interpretation

Karen Dinkins (540)598-6362

Carolyn Manspile (540)463-3408


Membership, Nurture & Outreach

Betsy Daughtrey (540)463-9337

Social Action– TBD


Spiritual Growth

Shirley Brown (540)382-3054

Rita Watkins (540)966-4974 



Pat Carter, Chair   (540)962-6566

Joyce Emerson  

Louise Miller (540)343-7529

Luz de Tablan 

Connie Young 


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