This is a revised version of the July 2018 e-news edition to reflect the correct date of Senator Jim Beall's Creek Cleanup which is Saturday, August 18.  

The California Water Commission announced the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project will be awarded nearly $485 million under Proposition 1, the full amount requested by the water district and half of the project's total cost. 

Statement from water district chair Richard Santos 


The South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project received a major boost from federal and state sources. The project may receive $177 million from the federal government, $4.4 million from the 2016 Bay Area ballot measure, Measure AA, and State Senator Bob Wieckowski has authored Senate Bill 881, which could provide $4 to $7 million. 


Details on the funding sources 

Following a winter of record rainfall resulting in historic flooding along Coyote Creek in San José, the water district spruced up the annual floodplain mailer to increase accessibility of this important publication. The mailer was recognized as an exemplary communication piece with a first place award.  

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Five years after it was approved by voters, the Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program has hit several milestones and is looking forward to more in the next five-year period. 

Check out completed projects and those under way 


The first Trails and Waterways Summit brought together almost 70 policymakers and advocates from more than two dozen agencies to plan for overcoming challenges and advancing trails along waterways. 


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With consistent water savings of at least 20 percent compared to 2013 water usage, Santa Clara County residents "get" that conservation is a way of life. Our  conservation campaign encourages residents to keep it up and learn how to sustain water-wise ways.    

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Water-wise landscapes are low maintenance, but still need a little TLC to thrive. Water district Landscape Committee member Miguel Aspeitia, shares his top 3 tips in caring for a water-wise yard.  


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Locally controlled and environmentally sustainable, purified water is drought-proof source that helps us ensure our water supply meets future needs. The water district is evaluating ways to replenish our groundwater basins and augment drinking supplies.

Why purified water is the wave of the future

Senator Jim Beall is hosting a community cleanup event in Campbell for Los Gatos Creek on Saturday, August 18 starting at 8:45 a.m. The event is free and open to anyone. Friends and family are invited to help preserve this precious resource. 


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Rosemary is quite famous for its role in the kitchen, but it's actually a great water-wise plant that thrives in California. During the spring and summer, it blooms small purple flowers and attracts plenty of pollinators.


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