With coronavirus being declared a pandemic, and federal, state, and local governments scrambling to respond, many entrepreneurs are left wondering what they can do to understand more how these changes will affect their businesses.

Rick Lofgren, Gerry Cassioppi, and Charles Wentworth of The Entrepreneur’s Legal Resource have put together the following blog posts to help business owners get a better handle on contractual provisions that may be triggered by national emergencies, what obligations business owners owe to their employees, and how unemployment benefits have been expanded:

And while their office in downtown Glen Ellyn is closed like many other businesses these days, they are also available by phone to work with their clients. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions about these or other topics. You can contact them in the following ways: Office (630) 469-7100; Rick ( rlofgren@elrlaw.com ); Gerry ( gcassioppi@elrlaw.com ); and Charles ( cwentworth@elrlaw.com ).

In the meantime, though, stay home and stay safe.
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