Value-Based Budgeting
While campaigning, the most common issue I discuss with Kane County residents is taxes. I’m asked, “If elected – would I raise taxes?” I appreciate and understand the concern Kane County residents have regarding their taxes. I understand the county budget is a main issue county board members discuss and vote on.

Low taxes are an important value for Kane County - just as quality of life and quality of services are for its residents. Both are important values for Kane County Board members to consider. They are equal parts of the same discussion. 

Along with asking how we can keep taxes low, county board members must also consider how we provide quality services through public safety, infrastructure support and planning, maintenance of our common green spaces and waterways and public health. Predetermining the budget part of the equation, without having debate and discussion about the service portion of the equation, is not having the full conversation. Residents deserve more – much more.

However, this does not automatically equate to raising taxes. If we need more income to meet residents’ needs and services, we need to actively pursue economic development and support from our state legislators and use grants. I’m willing and eager to have these conversations and to hear from you about what you value from your county government.
Progressives of Kane County Forum
I was invited to attend the Oct. 8 Progressives of Kane County forum as part of its general meeting at Two Brothers Roundhouse. I answered a series of questions relating to the environment, immigration, voting and recycling, as it relates to Kane County.
Supporting Organizations That
Support Our Communities
During Mutual Ground's annual Walk For Hope Sept. 29, Team Kane Dems Run raised $341 to support Mutual Ground and the work it does to provide education, awareness and life-changing services that empower individuals, families and communities to end the cycle of domestic and sexual violence. Learn more about Mutual Ground by clicking here .
There were no record-setting times, but I was honored to participate in the Oct. 5 NAMI KDK (Kane-South, DeKalb and Kendall Counties) as a way to help others in our surrounding communities who struggle with mental health conditions.

NAMI KDK is affiliated with the National Alliance on Mental Illness - the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization, dedicated to the eradication of the stigma of mental illness by improving the quality of life of all those striving for mental health wellness. NAMI KDK's mission is to provide mental health education, support and advocacy for individuals, family members, and communities. Learn more about NAMI KDK by clicking here .
Service Spotlight
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