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A monthly digest of news, events, and opportunities from All In: Data for Community Health, a learning network of communities across the country that are testing exciting new ways to transform health through multi-sector partnerships to share data
New Resources

Unlocking the Value of Data Sharing: Health Care

The latest paper in this DASH publication series provides guidance for those in non-health care sectors on effectively engaging and advancing conversations with health care stakeholders about collaborating to share data.

Case Study: Linking Clinics to Community Resources in Albuquerque

A BUILD partnership, based in Albuquerque, NM, sought to address chronic disease and self-management by creating a health hub to do just that. In this case study, learn how the team implemented an integrated chronic disease management referral system to link clinics to community resources in order to improve health outcomes.

Care Coordination Platform Onboarding Guidance

As part of their DASH CIC-START project, the North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network (NCHIIN) developed a methodology for onboarding new organizations, data streams, and sectors into their care coordination and alerts notification system. This document provides a replicable method for other communities looking to do the same.

All In Podcast

Adding New Partners, Sectors, and Data to a Care Coordination System 

This episode features Martin Love and Jessica Osborne-Stafsnes of NCHIIN - a non-profit health information exchange in Humboldt County, CA. They shared how they are building and implementing a care coordination system with partners to provide more holistic care for patients, especially those with complex health and social needs.

All In In-Person Events

Public Health Innovation Summit & Showcase
March 26-27, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA

This first-of-its-kind event, hosted by PHNCI, will bring together leaders and innovators from within public health and from other sectors to share their experiences and work together to move the field forward through innovation. The inspiring line-up of speakers and interactive sessions will galvanize the national conversation around innovation in public health. The event is open to participants via invitation only. However, there is still time to contact us to indicate your interest in attending. Don't delay! You will be notified promptly if an opening occurs. 

Join All In at Other Upcoming Events
  • ACHI National ConferenceMarch 19 - 21 in Chicago, IL - This conference brings together population and community health professionals to exchange the latest tools, approaches and ideas from the field. Stop by the exhibit hall to learn more about All In and how you can get involved. Let us know if you're interested in attending an All In meet-up during the event!
Conference Scholarship Opportunities Available to  All In Members

Did you know that DASH, with support from RWJF, provides scholarships to All In members for travel and attendance at national conferences? Below are some of the upcoming events we're attending. Let us know if you're interested in submitting a request or learning more about how you can take advantage of these opportunities. All requests must be approved in advance and recipients are expected to share back with All In in some capacity.

  • Community Information Exchange Summit: April 24 - 26 in San Diego, CA: This summit promotes best practices, challenges, and lessons learned on community data sharing efforts to enhance care coordination across health and non-health sectors.  
  • Communities Joined in Action Conference: April 24 - 26 in Seattle, WA: This conference brings together community leaders from multiple sectors to share ideas, tools and action plans that help create equity in health and health care delivery.
  • SCHIEC Conference: Submit by March 29: SHIEC is seeking presentations focused on health information exchange (HIE) innovations, government and policy solutions, and technology and data management approaches.
Latest News

Do Cities Have the Right Number of Housing Inspectors?

Many cities struggle to identify unsafe housing conditions and fix them before they escalate into crisis. A new infographic reveals the challenges faced by BUILD partnerships in six cities in ensuring quality housing for their residents

Share Your Input: Care Coordination and Referral Platforms

We are interested in hosting a webinar series covering various care coordination platforms and information referral systems that  All In community members are using. Many folks who are new to this space want to know what options are out there, and to hear about others' experiences using these systems. We'd love your input - let us know what you want to see!

Lessons Learned: Building a Strong Public Health Infrastructure

PHNCI developed a new planning guide to provide health departments with the key components to consider when planning to implement the foundational public health services, a conceptual framework to improve public health infrastructure and programs. It shares lessons from four states (KS, OH, OR, WA) that have implemented this work over many years.

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New Resources: Data De-Identification and Federal Privacy Laws

Check out two new Network for Public Health Law resources - a toolkit on addressing legal and practical considerations in using and sharing de-identified data and a collection of 22 "snapshots" outlining the basic requirements of different federal data protection laws. 

View the data de-identification toolkit  |  Review federal privacy law snapshots

All In Virtual Events

CIE Webinar: Mobilize the Community Network
February 21 from 10 am - 11:30 am PT

One of the most important elements of a community information exchange (CIE) is community engagement. In this webinar, 2-1-1 San Diego, a DASH Mentor, will highlight the value of strategy, creating shared language, and engaging the willing and early adopters. The webinar will highlight the CIE Risk Rating Scale as an example of an organizing framework to define and share social influences and outcome measures.

Webinar: Tackling Tough Public Health Problems through Cross-Sector Data Collaborations
February 28 from 1 pm - 2:30 pm ET

This Network for Public Health Law webinar will provide an in-depth look at a cross-sector collaboration in Illinois between public health, law enforcement, EMS, a fire department and a jail aimed at addressing the needs of high utilizers of behavioral health services.

Recently Archived All In Webinar Resources

View slides, recordings, and other materials from past webinars in the All In webinar archive. Recent webinars include:
  • Sustainably Financing Community Health: This two-part webinar series covered sustainable financing, alternative payment models, and tools to help participants take steps towards sustaining their multi-sector community work. 
What's Next

Coming Soon: Two All In Surveys 

This spring, All In will be asking for your responses to two surveys about your local multi-sector data sharing projects.
(1) In March, we will be conducting a nationwide scan of local efforts inside and outside of All In to better understand where the work is happening and who is working on what; and (2) In April and May, RWJF is conducting a survey and select interviews of All In members to understand how data sharing works within our network. 

What's in it for you? Your data will be combined with that of hundreds of other communities to provide curated database and map of local expertise for All In members

All In National Meeting 2019

We are close to announcing a date and location for the next All In National Meeting. We'll issue a special newsletter with information about registration, the abstract process and how you can help to shape the agenda. We hope to announce before the end of February.  

What's in it for you? Fun, engagement, lessons, connections, fellowship, affirmation. What's not in it for you? Boxes o' salad!

All In Shout Outs

Cleveland Coalition Says City Will Be 'Lead Safe' Within the Next Decade

In an effort to be "lead safe" and reduce the number of children exposed to the toxin, 19 cross-sector organizations in Cleveland have co-created a "Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition," which includes the BUILD awardee, Environmental Health Watch Cleveland. 

Connecting Homeless Individuals with Health Care and Community Services to Prevent Readmissions

HealthInfoNet, a DASH Mentor, developed two new resources, including recommendations for integration of Maine's homeless management information system (HMIS) and health information exchange (HIE), as well as a use case report documenting  a unique collaboration utilizing an analytics and reporting platform that identifies homeless patients at risk for hospital readmissions and connects them to appropriate community and health services. 

A Recipe for Community Engagement and Systems Change

Teresa Garcia, a  BUILD awardee in Lafayette, CO recently penned a letter-to-the-editor on serving more familiar foods in the Boulder Valley School District's cafeteria in order to promote an environment where Latino youth can grow and succeed. She also wrote a blog offering tips and lessons learned from their BUILD project. 

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Welcome to  All In : Office Hours
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New to  All In and have questions about the network or the platform? Join us for " office hours," an informal, interactive "ask me anything" introduction to  All In and the online community. 

Latest Community Updates

Do you have an event or resource you would like to notify other All In members about, or a question you would like to ask the community? Post it in the  open forum

Request for Information on Digital Infrastructure of Social Care CBOs

Peter Eckart posted on the online community and would welcome any responses to the following question: Do you know of any published or grey literature on the current state of information technology infrastructure at community-based organizations? This is not limited to multi-sector data sharing but really the technical systems and capacity of the non-profits themselves. Please respond to the post or email Peter with any suggestions.

Recent Discussion Forum Topics:
Project Spotlights

Sonoma County Accountable Communities for Health

With funding from CACHI, Sonoma County, CA leaders are connecting and aligning cardiovascular disease prevention efforts across clinical and community settings. Partners are shifting their organizational practices, policies, and programs to achieve shared Accountable Communities for Health goals. 

New Brunswick Healthy Housing Collaborative

This multi-sector coalition in New Brunswick, NJ, a BUILD awardee, is implementing healthy housing assessments, consumer trainings, lead and asthma testing, and environmental changes that produce safer and healthier home environments. Partners are providing opportunities for healthier lifestyle and behavior change and advocating for housing policies that promote community health and well-being.

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Additional Opportunities

Funding / Technical Assistance Opportunities
  • 40 Under 40 in Public Health: Due February 28 - The de Beaumont Foundation is seeking nominations and candidates who are showing leadership in making communities healthier. 
  • Innovations for Healthy Living: Due April 1: NIH is funding i nnovative research supporting the development of technologies, tools, products, and services that aim to eliminate health disparities.
  • State and Local Innovation Initiative Due April 1 : This initiative supports state and local governments in using randomized evaluations to generate new and applicable lessons about which policies and programs work best and why.
  • Interdisciplinary Research Leaders: Due March 13 - RWJF is looking for teams of researchers and community partners focused on community development and health, or clinical practice, social services, and health. 
  • Building Communities of Recovery: Due April 2 - SAMHSA is funding efforts to mobilize resources within and outside of the recovery community to increase the prevalence and quality of long-term recovery support from substance abuse. 
  • AHA Innovation Challenge: Due May 24 - This year's AHA challenge is focused on finding new ways to use technology to address social determinants and connecting people with proper resources that meet community health needs.
  • BUILD Health Challenge 3.0: Coming Soon - A call for applications will be released in the first quarter of 2019 in search of awardees for an all new third cohort of dynamic collaboratives driving sustainable improvements in community health. 

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