Happy Holidays to you and your family!

This time of year many businesses take time off for the holidays, so scammers are working more in hopes that you won't be able to contact trustworthy businesses and other sources for confirmation about a questionable "problem with your account/service/computer or device".

In the coming weeks, be on the alert for popular scams such as:

  • Calls or recorded messages from "Microsoft", "Windows", "Apple", "Amazon", "Your Internet Provider", "Google" and other imposters claiming that there is a problem with your service or account - and the caller needs to fix the problem immediately.
  • Website pop-ups from the names listed above, again claiming that there's a problem with your device, service or account and usually accompanied by wording designed to scare you. A phone number will be listed in the message urging you to call immediately or there will be dire consequences if you don't call.
  • Emails from the names listed above, urging you to take immediate action about a problem with a recent order, an expensive order that you didn't place, or a delivery problem or confirmation.

If you get any such call, pop-up or email similar to what's listed above - DO NOT REACT TO THE ADVICE OF THE MESSAGE OR WARNING. 99% OF THE TIME IT'S A SCAM THAT'S MEANT TO SCARE YOU INTO MAKING AN IMMEDIATE JUDGMENT WITHOUT THINKING IT THROUGH RATIONALLY. Legitimate companies will send a letter to your postal address if there are any problems that need to be addressed.

What to do: If it's a call/recording, hang up and ignore it. If it's an email y ou can check the status of online accounts the way you normally do - via phone number on a bank card, or going directly to a website and logging in - but never by clicking a link or attachment in a questionable email. If it's a pop-up on your computer or device, simply close the warning or shut down your device the way that you normally do. After a restart the "warning" message should be gone. If it's still present after restart, do not call any number presented on the screen. For more information click here to read about more computer scams .

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If your computer is over 5 years old you may need to purchase a new one to be fully protected against Spectre and Meltdown - a security flaw revealed early this year that exists in most processors that power modern computing devices ( see October's newsletter ). With the end-of-support for Windows 7 occurring in January 2020, that may be another reason to consider the purchase of a new computer by the end of 2019.

But don't buy any computer before reading our new computer buying information newsletter .

Some new computers come with a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of a mechanical/spinning Hard Disk Drive (HDD) - the part that stores the operating system, programs and your personal files. Computers with a SSD are much faster, reliable and energy efficient - which is particularly useful if you're using a laptop computer.

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