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What can the New Model 40515 TAB5S do?

  • Up to 10 Smart Devices per station

  • Up to 5 Systems per APP

  • Up to 16 Stations per Power Supply

  • Program Station ID from Touchscreen

  • The Ultimate Upgrade

Up to 10 Smart Devices can connect to every 40515 station

10 smart devices can be connected and will ring upon a call to the apartment. 3 smartphones will receive a video preview. Any station that answers, even the non previewing ones, will receive the live feed upon answering.

The new enhance Video Door App also allows for connection to up to 5 different Elvox WIFI station. (Home, Office, Parent's Home, etc)
Up to 16 Stations per System Power supply

Program the Station ID form the touchscreen
  • No Entry Panel!

  • No Computer!

  • No programming mode!

Just power up the station and touch type the ID code.
The Ultimate Upgrade Option
Existing Elvox 2Wire Video stations can be instantly upgraded as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Remove old monitor and plate
  2. Install new plate, reconnect wires, snap on 40515.
  3. Program the new station to the code of the old station

All the power of the 40515 is now available..
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