Make Tomorrow Better. Give Today.
A letter from UWBR Board Chair Al Hulick and UWBR President & CEO Mary Fanning-Penny

2020 is a year we’ll never forget. We’ve faced challenges we never expected, overcome odds stacked against us, learned things we couldn’t have imagined, banded together in ways we never thought possible. Thank you for LIVING UNITED through this overwhelming year, answering the call when we needed you the most.
Through it all, we have continued to improve lives and advance the common good–while ramping up our efforts to address a huge increase in need. As the Board Chair and CEO of United Way Blackhawk Region, we have seen our staff, donors, volunteers, and our entire community step up in an unprecedented way. With your help, we supported those devastated by the pandemic with emergency and COVID-19 Action Fund grants, responded to triple the amount of contacts to 211, and orchestrated personal protective equipment giveaways via our leadership role(s) on the Reopen Rock Task Force.  

We all want to put this year behind us. We all want to start fresh on January 1, 2021. But we’re here to tell you that January is too late. We must start today. We will be facing a changed world for many years to come. Some of those changes are out of our hands. But many of them are within our control. Tomorrow may be full of questions, but we are the ones who can provide the answers. Because what we do together today determines tomorrow.
Join all of us here in the Blackhawk Region as we reimagine a future that is better than yesterday. A tomorrow full of hope, of possibility, of action. A tomorrow where every member of our community can have a safe home, a secure future, and opportunity to thrive.
To reach that new tomorrow, we need every single one of us to take action. Help us get there by making a gift today. As of Monday, December 14th, $1,098,276 of the $2.4 million campaign goal has been pledged.
United Way goes Toe-to-Toe with COVID-19
Thanks to our media partners at the Janesville Gazette for sharing an Op Ed written by UWBR President & CEO Mary Fanning-Penny regarding United Way's COVID-19 Response.

United Way needs the community in our corner to go the distance. Click below to read the full message.
Thank You Corporate Partners
We are fortunate to partner with more than 200 local companies and organizations who support the annual Community Campaign. We are proud to LIVE UNITED with you and appreciate your generosity, despite the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

Click the image below for a larger view of the list, as recently published in both the Beloit Daily News and Janesville Gazette. 
Community Impact Update
United Way’s volunteer Community Impact Council (CIC) understands that with the potential of a reduced allocation pool, programs that serve critical needs and advance racial equity in each of our impact areas of Health, Education and Financial Stability must be prioritized in the next Community Grant cycle. Utilizing myriad resources and local data, the CIC has voted to approve the following critical needs:
  • Individuals/families have access to health, dental, and mental health care
  • Increase or maintain awareness and access to health and dental services
  • Increase or maintain awareness and access to mental health care
  • Increase or maintain access to addictions treatment
  • Increasing opportunities for children and youth to thrive and achieve academic success
  • Accessibility to quality childcare, afterschool care and early learning experiences
  • Preparing students for academic success
  • Providing child advocacy for children, ages birth to 16
Financial Stability
  • Coordinating and enhancing services that promote self-sufficiency by:
  • Increase or maintain availability of safe and affordable housing
  • Providing job training
  • Expanding coordination and maintenance of safety net services
  • Access to resources that keep personal relationships safe and healthy
  • Access to resources that keep every child (birth-16) safe and healthy
A Letter of Intent (LOI) component has been incorporated into the 2021-2023 investment process, to ensure Partners’ alignment with critical needs in advance of the full application process. 
Shop Local and Support United Way
Our generous friends at Urban Boutique in Janesville are donating 20% of sales to United Way Blackhawk Region this week (December 14th - 20th). Anyone who makes a purchase online, live or in-store will have their name thrown into a drawing for a surprise box!

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