SOAR September 2021 NEWSLETTER
Grand Opening
Families of Fallen Soldier Support Center
For the one-year commemoration of the Artsakh War, SOAR held the long awaited grand opening of our new Families of Fallen Soldiers Support Center located in Yerevan.

Executive Board Vice-Chairman, Raffi Jehanian attended the opening and festivities that followed.

We believe that the service and sacrifices made by fallen Armenian service personnel should never be taken for granted and, just as they have become our heroes, we help their families get past their obstacles and guide them through their darkest times.

The overarching goal of the Center is to offer compassionate and holistic support to spouses, children, and families grieving the death of an Armenian soldier killed or wounded in battle.
SOAR's Founder and Executive Chairman Podcast with Legacy Builders Movement
"Systems that Help Nonprofits to Soar
with George Yacoubian", is the title of the podcast that featured the Founder and Executive Chairman of SOAR, George S. Yacoubian, Jr.

When thinking about scaling a nonprofit with volunteers, most think of the people in your neighborhood or state. SOAR (Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief) has found a creative way to utilize volunteers across multiple countries to drastically scale their nonprofit that primarily focuses on a single country. George Yacoubian started this nonprofit with a personal discontent and has grown it to help make an exponential impact!
SOAR Mobile Eye Care Van Update
The SOAR Mobile Eye Care Van made a stop at Vanadzor Orran Center providing examinations and care for 71 children.

The SOAR Mobile Eye Care Project provides traveling vision care for children housed in Armenia's residential childcare institutions (orphanages and special boarding schools), for children and families who receive services through specialized day centers in Gyumri, Vanadzor, and Yerevan, and to children and adults in remote villages across Armenia.

Our Lady of Armenia (Kanaker) Students
The fall semester has begun!

These young ladies at Kanaker are
all enrolled in graduate or undergraduate courses.

Through the SOAR Sponsorship Fund, they not only receive the assistance they need to complete their educations, but also hope for
the future.

"One of the best ways to raise young women
out of poverty is education."

Fundraising Chapters Quarterly Call
Kim Yacoubian joined SOAR as the Development Consultant January of 2020, helping our chapters to grow in their fundraising efforts, giving advice from her extensive background in the non profit world. It was a difficult year to start such a position! Even with the restrictions in place, there has been a new bond formed between the chapters, let alone a dramatic increase in chapter activity.

Part of this is due to the quarterly chapter fundraising calls that bring board members from many of our fundraising chapters together, sharing ideas, giving a shout out to each other, and lending support. Instead of feeling like an island, chapter members feel more a part of a team with a common purpose.

If you are a chapter board member and missed the call, you do NOT want to miss the next one!

Thank you, Kim!

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