There is no competition. Literally.

Costume Parade Week:
January 25th - January 30th @ VSPA

Holiday Impromptu Filming:
February 1st - 6th @ the Annex
The week of February 1- February 6th will now be FILMING WEEK.  Instead of going to VSPA Main Campus for your regular class, you will go to VSPA’s Annex facility: 
  • On Your Normal Class Day & Approximate Time You will arrive at VSPA’s Annex (arrive 15 minutes prior to your class time or onstage time, whichever comes first)
  • Your performer will arrive in costume (use the bathroom prior to drop off)
  • Hair & makeup done
  • Proper tights on
  • Dance shoes on (to protect shoes, try covering them with old socks)
  • Solid Black Masks On 
  • Minimal gear with your performer
  • Enter through the Southside of the Parking lot (follow map below) – look for the VSPA tent
  • Anyone approaching the Wellness Screening must wear a mask.  Performers /Volunteers / Teachers will go through Wellness Screening (VSPA Tent)
  • Only Performers/Teachers/Designated Volunteers will be allowed inside the building
  • Performers will be routed with their teacher behind & through the Annex.
  • After the performer is finished, the teacher will escort performers back to the parents through the front doors of the Annex to the designated pick up area (follow map).
  • Parents should plan on performers being onsite anywhere from 30 mins. – 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Drop off location only – no parking & waiting during filming.
  • Be sure to look at the attached maps/videos for arrival/departure logistics
Map for Drop Off and Pick Up:

DROP OFF: Follow GREEN Arrow for Drop Off Route

PICK UP: Follow GREEN then BLUE Arrows for Pick Up Route after performer has completed filming.
Map for Parking Location:
Follow GREEN Arrows to be directed to the WinCo Parking Lot. There is a long driveway just before McDonalds/Gas Station. Please do not park at The Annex. There is not enough parking and we cannot disrupt the parking area for the other businesses.
The Performing Plan:
  • Performers will wear their masks during filming.
  • Teachers will space the dance/group on the stage.
  • Performers will run through their dance/piece.
  • Teacher will decide when they are ready to film
  • Lighting crew sets and corrects their lights
  • Film crew makes camera choices and understands each piece
  • Filming will begin.  Once the production team is satisfied, the filming will end.
  • Performers will sanitize their hands before exiting the stage

Designated Dressing Room:  
For those performers with multiple classes in a day, a designated dressing area will be assigned.  Please bring as little as possible into the room.  “Shownies” (nude leotard base layer) are MANDATORY in this room.  A sealable water bottle with the performer’s name is allowed in this room.

The Viewing Plan:
This will be a filmed event.  There will be a $5 participation fee per performer to help us cover lighting/filming costs.  This fee will be added to you account this month.  DVD’s will be available to purchase starting  Monday, January 25th in front of the Main Campus or online.  If you are buying in person, please wear a mask when purchasing from a parent volunteer.  DVD sales are a fundraiser for our non-profit E3 performing troupes. Prices/Information of DVD’s to come ASAP.

“Audience Opportunity”:
Want to show your performer that you’ll always be cheering them on and support VSPA recover from the most difficult year in our history?!  For $20 you can be added to the DVD clapping and cheering after each dance.  You’ll need to submit a 5 second video of you and/or your family clapping and cheering to  Please film this in horizontal/landscape mode on your phones.  Mark the subject line in your email as Audience Opportunity.  Once the video is submitted, the $20 will be added to your VSPA Account.  This is due no later than February 7th.


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