January 30,  2020
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Van Zile Travel has a new travel profile system "Umbrella Faces."  This system replaces any travel profile that was housed on Certify.  Sign up for this webinar to learn more about your travel profile features and where to store all of your travel preferences and memberships.

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United Airlines Announces Hourly Shuttle Service Between Washington's Reagan National Airport and New York/Newark Liberty International Airport
Tickets for the 13 daily flights between New York/Newark and Washington, D.C. became available for purchase on January 18 and service starts on March 29.  The CRJ-550 is designed for business and leisure travelers who want true-first-class seating, Wi-Fi, more leg room and enough space for every customer to bring a roller bag on board.

Delta customers are now being notified when their seat is boarding - not just their flight.  Virtual queuing is akin to being notified by a restaurant with a pager when your table is ready, so you can relax close by instead of waiting at a crowded entrance or lobby. Delta will continue using the same boarding order and associated colors launched in January 2019, that reflect the branded fare purchased, while still prioritizing customer loyalty.

American Airlines First to Launch Mobile App Passport Scanning
American Airlines launched passport scanning in its mobile app for International Flights. American is the first airline to offer passport chip scanning that securely transmits passport information directly from the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip embedded in the passport. This allows customers to head directly to the gate for international flights without having their passports rechecked by a customer service agent.

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