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June 4th
10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Changes on Airplanes and Hotels due to Coronavirus

Join us to discuss what protocols the airlines and hotels have implemented to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. We will also discuss new requirements among airlines such as wearing face coverings.

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Amtrak to Require Facial Coverings for Passengers
To protect customers and employees, all customers in stations and on trains and thruway buses are required to wear a facial covering, beginning May 11. Facial coverings can be removed when customers are eating in designated areas, in their private rooms, or seated alone or with a travel companion in their own pair of seats. Small children who are not able to maintain a facial covering are exempt from this requirement. Customers must supply their own facial covering. Customers can go to  CDC.gov  for detailed instructions on how to make their own mask. Service will be denied to customers not wearing facial coverings.

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Frontier Airlines to Implement Airport Temperature Screenings Effective June 1

Frontier Airlines will implement temperature screenings for all passengers and team members prior to boarding flights, effective June 1, 2020. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will be denied boarding.
Customers will be screened via touchless thermometers prior to boarding. Frontier will work with that customer to rebook travel on a later date or otherwise accommodate the traveler’s preferences with respect to their reservation.

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