March 8, 2018
Industry News
Southwest has increased the fee for "Upgraded Boarding" in select markets.  The fee now ranges from $30-$50 depending on your itinerary.  "Upgraded Boarding" allows travelers to secure a position in the A1-A15 boarding group.  "Upgraded Boarding" is only available to purchase a the gate or ticket counter and is subject to availability.  

Mobile Passport App
Mobile Passport is a free mobile app that saves time by enabling travelers to submit their passport and customs declaration information via their smartphone.  Profiles can be set-up through the app prior to the trip.  Upon arrival you can submit your passport and declaration information to U.S. Customs and Border Protection via your mobile app. There are designated Mobile Passport Control lines where you show the CBP officer your passport and barcode that you receive from submitting the declaration.   

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Tech Thread
Certify Enhancements
For those of you using the Certify Booking Tool or Certify Profile Site you may have noticed some changes in the appearance of the site recently.  The overall functionality of the site has not changed, but there have been noticeable updates to the appearance.  Also, on the left side of your screen when displaying air availability you will notice additional options to filter flight selections.  Be sure to take some time to look through these fields when making your reservation.
Behind the scenes on Certify there has also been a change to the operating platform.  Please be sure to notify the help desk if you run into any error messages or issues.  If an error pops up there is an option to capture a screenshot.  Please do this as it will capture the error and the full screen you have displayed.  This can be emailed to

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Mobile Passport
"Breeze through U.S. customs and passport control"

Free mobile app enables travelers to submit their passport and customs declaration information via their smartphone. 
Learn more here

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