February 2019
Lisa Gilchrist, Editor
Inside this Issue
Exciting news in Vanguard! Revised CDS Bylaws, the importance of governance, and 50th Anniversary Conference updates.
President's Update
by Cindy Banyai
Writing this update on Valentine's Day forces a reflection on love and what it means to love. I came to the field of community development out of love. Love for people. A deep rooted desire to ensure all people in a community are loved and valued. This love may have also brought you here.

This desire, however, is not so simple. As we learn in all of our relationships, loving people is complicated. The ones we love can sometimes let us down, betray us, dismiss us, hurt us. Sometimes with intent and sometimes not. The trick for lasting relationships, the trick to community cohesion, the trick to love is to continue to engage with compassion.
Love is the essence of our work. Love pushes us forward. Love builds community.

Cindy shares more about the updated Bylaws and wishes our Managing Director Justin Fallon Dollard well in his future endeavors.
Governing Non-profit Organizations
by Margaret Stout
With the publication of the revised bylaws of the Community Development Society in this edition of the Vanguard, some of us may have organizational governance on our minds. In simple terms, governance is the process of steering an organization by establishing policies and procedures and then making decisions accordingly. In a membership organization like CDS, the members establish the destination and the board of directors is responsible for making decisions about how best to get there. Ideally, the board receives ongoing guidance from committees composed of members so that ongoing input is used to chart the course and make course corrections when necessary.

 It’s of value to note that many CDS members work in higher education—a realm of large bureaucracies with byzantine governance policies and procedures that govern academic and administrative domains. Those functions are then delegated according to different faculty and staff roles. However, many other CDS members work in non-profit organizations . . .

Revised Bylaws
Following last fall's board retreat, an ad hoc committee chaired by Director Margaret Stout was established to review CDS Bylaws. The review was completed to ensure that, as the foundation to all other Policies and Operational Guidelines, the bylaws (1) honor CDS’s founding mission while reflecting current CDS operational practices, (2) are in compliance with current Missouri nonprofit law, and (3) are congruent with best practices in nonprofit governance. 

CDS Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at which a quorum of the directors are present. On January 18 th, 2019, the Board of Directors approved the amended bylaws and a statement of rationale on the Bylaw changes.
Per the current Bylaws, any amendment approved by the Board must be published in the Vanguard to be considered enacted:
Article 11       Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at any meeting of the Board of Directors at which a quorum of the directors are present. However, no amendment shall become operative until the same is published in its entirety in an issue of the Vanguard, the periodical publication of the Society distributed to all members of the Society.

Thank you to the ad hoc committee for their time and expertise in updating the CDS Bylaws. Please review the changes below. Comments or questions may be directed to Margaret Stout

50th Anniversary Conference July 14-17, 2019
Join Us. Where it all started. 1969. 
Turmoil, seismic change. 
Community - Development - Society.
Sound familiar?
It's now 2019 - Back to the future!

Conference updates:
  • International presentation proposals have been reviewed and selected. Presenters have been notified.
  • Domestic proposals are currently under review with a goal of notifying presenters by March 1.
  • 100+ sessions over 5 concurrent session sets on July 16 and 17
  • Conference program, registration, lodging/travel information, and other conference details will be available on the CDS website soon.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Thank you to those who have already stepped forward as sponsors.
Make history! Be a 50 th anniversary CDS volunteer!
Serve as a moderator for one (or more) of the many concurrent break-out sessions we will have over the course of the July conference. Moderators get everyone started on time, welcome attendees and introduce presenters in the break-out room, and get everyone out the door on time. Contact Jane Leonard if you are interested in helping out!
World Community Development Conference June 24-26, 2019 in Dundee, Scotland

CDS President Dr. Cindy Banyai was awarded the 2018 American Evaluation Association’s Advocacy and Use Evaluation Award. Learn More
Our committees do valuable work to further the work of the Community Development Society. Stay tuned for updates on Committee Structures and opportunities to get involved.
What is the biggest barrier to good governance that you have experienced?
Failing to understand fiduciary duties
Avoiding hard questions or discussions
Micro-managing staff
Operating with outdated or inconsistent governance documents

In January we asked, "What is your favorite self-care practice?"

We are an active bunch!
69% of us rely on Action and turn to physical activity.

23% of us Unlug and turn off our devices.

8% of us spend Reflective time by journaling.

None of us gave Meditation and time to focus top-billing for self-care practices.
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