January 2019
Lisa Gilchrist, Editor
Inside this Issue
Exciting news in Vanguard! Self-care's role in community health, setting yourself up for success with self-care tips, and volunteers needed for 50th Anniversary CDS Conference.
President's Update
by Cindy Banyai
Happy new year! Welcome 2019! What a joyous year for us here at CDS as it marks the official beginning of our 50th anniversary year celebrations! We have our homecoming conference,  Coming Home to Cultivate the Future , coming up July 14-17 in Columbia, Missouri. What a perfect year to honor someone in our field who has made an outstanding contribution through an  award (nominations due February 14)! I can't wait to see you in July and to see what the future has in store for us!

Cindy has a challenge for us - invite one long-time colleague and one new colleague to the 50th anniversary conference.

Self-Care Links to Community Health
by Maryam Ahmadian
Community participation does not only represent taking part in an action planned by health care professionals in a top-down approach. The concepts of health promotion, self-care and community participation also developed during 1970s in the developed countries. The purpose of this short blog is to review community participation models in health proposed by Rifkin and to prompt the role of individual’s participation in the decision-making process towards preventive behaviors. It is not applied to formulate a single model to embody community participation in health programs. Furthermore, the previous models didn’t explicate other relevant factors (e.g. cultural, social, behavioral, economic, or structural) affecting community participation in health programs especially the power of self-care.

Meet our CDS Practice Editor
The CDS Board is pleased to announce that Anne M. Cafer has been appointed as CDS Practice Editor. CDS Practice presents innovative approaches, tools, and techniques that can be readily applied by community development practitioners, applied researchers and prac-academics. 

Annie is excited to take on the role as editor and looks forward to publishing high quality, peer reviewed, practice-based pieces that address salient issues within community development practice and complement the types of scholarly work being published in the Community Development Society Journal.

Awards 2019
Why not take some time to start the new year with a spirit of gratitude and reflect on achievements of colleagues and community partners? It would be a great to start to 2019 to celebrate something positive that has happened in the field of community development.

The CDS Awards nominations are open for 2019. Deadline to submit applications is February 14, 2019.

50th Anniversary Conference July 14-17, 2019
Join Us. Where it all started. 1969. 
Turmoil, seismic change. 
Community - Development - Society.
Sound familiar?
It's now 2019 - Back to the future!

Make history! Be a 50 th anniversary CDS volunteer!
Serve as a moderator for one (or more) of the many concurrent break-out sessions we will have over the course of the July conference. Moderators get everyone started on time, welcome attendees and introduce presenters in the break-out room, and get everyone out the door on time. Contact Jane Leonard if you are interested in helping out!

World Community Development Conference June 24-26, 2019 in Dundee, Scotland
Our committees do valuable work to further the work of the Community Development Society. Learn more:
What is your favorite self-care practice?
Meditation - time to focus
Action - physical activity
Unplug - turn off devices
Reflection - write in a journal

In November we asked, "How do you resolve conflict?"

33% of us are Owls - two heads are better than one.

29% of us are Turtles - we like to hide.

29% of us are Foxes - we'll meet halfway.

2% of us are Sharks - we take charge.

None of us said that we are Teddy Bears who like to give in!
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