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Exciting news in this issue of Vanguard! The Call for Proposals for the CDS Conference is open, our President shares details about the conference location, and we explore a theme of neighborhoods. Enjoy the new format of Vanguard!
President's Update
Hello Community Developers! It's fall in North America and there seems to be an eagerness to push forward toward the hardiness of fall, shedding the carefree days of summer. Your board was fortunate enough to have some amazing fall weather at our annual retreat at the site of our 50th Annual International Conference at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The local host committee, represented by Mary Leuci and Anita Dunning, were fabulous hosts, even coordinating a ...

50th Anniversary Conference July 14-17, 2019
Join Us. Where it all started. 1969. 
Turmoil, seismic change. 
Community - Development - Society.
Sound familiar?
It's now 2019 - Back to the future!

Town Hall sessions
Every strong neighborhood has opportunities for people to connect and share. There's still time to share your thoughts on topics for the Town Hall meetings of the CDS community. 

Complete the survey  HERE.
Meet our Board
Daniela Mattos is a Professor of Practice and Director of the Rural Economic and Community Vitality Program at the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. From a childhood in a small farming community in Brazil, she developed an interest in learning more about the challenges 'progress' can bring to rural areas. 

Keep the conversation going:

Rutgers Community Leadership Center International Conference, "Universities as Anchors in Sustaining Community and Economic Development" Cuba Nov 3-11.

50th Anniversary Conference of the Community Development Society Call for Proposals are due November 15, 2018.

Opportunities to submit proposals for pre-conference workshops, conference sessions, poster abstracts, and roundtable discussions.

Stay informed. Review the latest minutes from our Board of Directors.

Our committees do valuable work to further the work of the Community Development Society. Learn more:
What do you like best about connecting with neighborhoods?
Anything can happen!
Learning about them
Understanding their unique features
Meeting people
Seeing the impact place makes on people

Share your experience! What is one thing you wish you had known when you first started in the Community Development field?

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