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Exciting news in this issue of Vanguard! The Call for Proposals for the CDS Conference is extended, our President extends her thanks and shares some history, and we discuss peace and conflict resolution.
President's Update
by Cindy Banyai
As we are gearing up for our big 50th Anniversary celebration in Columbia, Missouri next July (be sure to get your  proposals  in by November 30!), this is an opportune time for reflection on our organization - who we are and where we want to go. Your board has been working on this, in particular revising our bylaws and considering the roles of officers, directors, and staff. Keep an eye out for your opportunity to weigh in on the process!

What is Cindy thankful for and what does she have to share about CDS transitions?
We Remember
by Jim Cavaye
November 11 was the centenary of the Armistice. One hundred years on, we remember the tragedy and loss of war, hopefully not as an abstract historical event, but as living, breathing people – on both sides – who lost their lives, or who became physically and mentally wounded. Not to mention the devastation of civilians. What lessons are there for our modern world in remembering the sacrifice of a century ago? After WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and ongoing vigilance against terrorism, it would seem that nations still face circumstances that draw them into war.

Its easy to agree that “War is Hell”, but perhaps the broader lessons lies in addressing conflict and aggression in our own lives and communities. One in three women worldwide experiences sexual violence in their lifetime. Another third experience physical violence. Harassment, discrimination, even neighbor disputes, are insidious forms of violence. Perhaps our dedication to action in commemorating the loss of war, is to do whatever we can to educate, engage, role-model and stand against subtle but pervasive forms of violence in our own communities.   
50th Anniversary Conference July 14-17, 2019
Call for Proposals Extended to November 30, 2018
Join Us. Where it all started. 1969. 
Turmoil, seismic change. 
Community - Development - Society.
Sound familiar?
It's now 2019 - Back to the future!

Meet our Board
Huston Gibson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning at Kansas State University. He is a U.S. country correspondent for the International Association of Community Development and will be guest editor for the March 2019 edition of Practice Insights.

Community Development Education Symposium - call for ideas due December 15, 2018
Our committees do valuable work to further the work of the Community Development Society. Learn more:
How do you resolve conflict?
I'm a turtle - I hide
I'm an owl - Two heads are better than one
I'm a shark - I take charge
I'm a fox - I'll meet halfway
I'm a teddy bear - I give in


Share your experience! What is one thing you wish you had known when you first started in the Community Development field?

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Last month we asked, "What do you like best about connecting with neighborhoods?"

40% of respondents said:
Seeing the impact place makes on people.

20% said:
Anything can happen!

20% said
Understanding their unique features.

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