December 2020 Alumni Connection
AS WE CELEBRATE OUR 48TH YEAR, we celebrate 25 Alumni who have chosen Vanguard for their children's education!
·  Jessica Attas 
·  Boyce Brown
·  John Burton
·  Frances Callan
·  Allan Cooper, Sr.
·  Elizabeth (Buchanan) Dietz
·  Eloisa Ella (Perez) Esparza
·  Stephen & Christine (Dietz) Holze
·  Christopher Howard
·  Laura (Bateman) Indergard  
·  Brie (Hooks) Keepers
·  Ben Lacy
·  Russell Livesay
·  Michael McNamara Jr.
·  Anne (Willingham) Merchant
·  Kelly (Cunningham) Morris
·  Leigh (Livesay) Morrison
·  Emily (Fowler) Offill
·  Jeff Peel
·  Chelsa (Brindley) Ressetar
·  Martin Starr
·  Kathryn Fadal Williams
·  Melissa (Waden) Wray
·  Kirk Zander 
In the face of extraordinary challenges, the Vanguard Community has shown amazing resilience and commitment to education.
Alumni Feature

Laurie Littlepage: [Re]searching for a Cure
[Re]searching for a Cure
When Laurie Littlepage (‘92) was in fourth grade, her grandmother died of cancer. Since her grandmother’s death, Littlepage has devoted her life to fighting cancer.

Now, as the Campbell Family associate professor of cancer research at the University of Notre Dame in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Harper Cancer Research Institute, she’s leading groundbreaking research into how the disease changes in the body and responds to different treatments.

After high school, Littlepage went to the University of Texas at Austin and was in the Dean’s Scholars Honors Program. She earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.S. in Molecular Biology. She received her Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University for her research at Harvard Medical School in the laboratory of Dr. Joan Ruderman in the Department of Cell Biology. Littlepage completed her postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco in the laboratory of Dr. Zena Werb in the Department of Anatomy. 
Happy Holidays from our Choir and Orchestra - Radio Show
Bring on the Holiday Spirit!
We know that many of our own extended family members will be isolated during this holiday season, so we have found a way to share a source of joy for the season with all. 

We are recording a three-episode series called "Vanguard Christmas." 
The series is in the style of the World War II era radio shows, which were designed to boost the morale of the troops far from home and family. 

We find ourselves in a rather parallel situation: saddened by a difficult year, we may spend the holidays away from our loved ones.
We hope that you can share this show with them, put on by our students: and that it is a source of joy for the season.
The Dr. Kent Starr Golf Tournament was a success!
Thank you to all the Alumni and Alumni Parents
for supporting the annual event!
We had over 40 Alumni and Alumni Parents attend.
Alumni News!
We'd like to welcome Joe Schwartz ('14) and Jake Schwartz ('13) back to Vanguard in their role as Coach of the Middle School Boys Basketball teams for the 2020-2021 school years.

Joe and Jake both played basketball during their years at Vanguard. They helped earn District Championships and participated in the TAPPS Final Four and State Championship games multiple times. 
Jackson Wren ('10) graduated #1 in his class from Baylor University Law School. Pictured with his father, Jim Wren, Leon Jaworski Chair of Practice & Procedure at Baylor Law school. Jackson is founder with his brother Eric Wren ('10) of Nightlight Donuts & Coffee. They celebrated the grand opening of their brick and mortar storefront in Waco in October.
Kyle Cooper ('15) and Riley DuPuy ('11) were featured in the November issue of Scouting Magazine.

Cooper shared his work as a graduate student studying biomedical engineering at the University of Rochester in New York with Troop 308, Waco, Texas (Longhorn Council).

DuPuy shared photos and stories from a trip with his wife to Glacier National Park where they rescued a fellow hiker.
Read the full story here.
Trevor Hickok ('19), a mechanical engineering major at Texas Tech, is playing in the Hazy Plains Band at various venues in Lubbock. Although Hickok saw himself as a classical performer, he got into old country music his sophomore year at Vanguard. Hickok writes and plays the fiddle in the band.
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