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  • Vision 2020 | Transition Team Plan Additions

  • Vanguard Support Line Weekly Zoom Meeting and Question Form

  • August Events Update

  • Send In an Updated Student Picture

  • Supply List Reminder

  • No Workout Sessions Next Week

  • Vanguard Parent Crew Kick-Off
Information from the Vanguard Office
Please know that we are working diligently in many areas of the school to welcome students back to campus next month.

With that said, we have kept the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff at the forefront of our planning process and decision-making.

If you have a specific question regarding the Vision 2020 | Transition Team plan - Submit questions by clicking here or below.
We will post updates to the campus returning plan as g uidelines are presented and research evolves. Our Health and Wellness Campus Guide for students and parents will be published early August.
Click HERE for the email last week that presented our school's initial release of plans for returning to campus. Additions to the transition team plan will be posted weekly.
Vision 2020 | Transition Team Developments:

  • Actively preparing faculty/staff on all new protocols.
  • Events (ex: Locker Move-In, Open House, Athletic Pictures) planned with health and safety protocols. Details posted in August.
  • Class seating placed at 6-feet apart.
  • Extended passing time between classes for lowering hallway congestion.
  • Daily grade level times scheduled for mask breaks - clustered by grade level.
  • Athletic program updates to be posted next week pending upcoming TAPPS announcement.
  • Actively working with Dr. Rod Richie on changing Health and Wellness considerations.

Please make sure you read our updates on the school's Looking Forward page. All big email updates will also be loaded to this site. Looking Forward to Fall 2020 - Click Here
Click HERE for the adjusted
2020-2021 Academic School calendar with August updates.
Click HERE for a printable August 2020 activity calendar.
New - Vanguard Question Box
Submit your questions you want answered in upcoming Friday Emails - Click Here .

Viking Support Line
If you have school questions (ex: Rank One, physicals, books) and can't come by just call us from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. You can also connect with us during a Viking Support Line.

July 22 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Zoom Link will be sent in Friday emails.)
Meeting ID: 979 4235 9340 | Password: 7Jrqtz
Click below for signing
up with the VPC. Click HERE to meet the VPC leadership team.
The 20-hour requirement for volunteering is family-based. Many items can be facilitated with not being on campus and at your own time-frame.
We want to see updated pictures of our students for a new grade-level faculty/staff directory

Many students have changed since March!

Please send us a recent selfie or picture to by Friday, July 24th.

(Please send a picture not in a mask and if we do not get your updated image, we will use your admissions or school photo.)
Athletic Workouts

In supporting community wellness, please know that there are no General Conditioning or Team Workout sessions scheduled for next week.

Make sure you Submit your Rank 1 Physical Form.
20-21 Quick Notes
Vanguard Questions - We Love Questions!
Please know all visitors to the office must wear a mask and be temperature tested.

General Questions:  Office Staff
Academic Considerations: Hannah VanDyke
Events/School Logistics (Communications):  Flip Alexander  
Admissions and New Students:  Chelsa Ressetar
Athletic Questions:  Will Curtis  
Counseling and 504 Accommodations  Aline Leslie
SAT/AP/College Board Questions:  Hannah VanDyke
Overall Questions:  Bill Borg