After a relatively dry winter, spring has been quite variable. Today is no exception, we are fighting an atmospheric river that doused the region overnight. Not fun but typical in the Pacific Northwest. We are doing our best to keep up with our work as we have returned to weekly mowing, but wet days like today are challenging. The heavy rain has made most lawns wet and soggy. We are trying to work around the rain and take advantage of any dry stretches but they have been few and far between. We will mow when we can but have many other priorities that we are also working through.  


Mowing: We have moved into our weekly mowing routine where possible but the extremely wet conditions have complicated our ability to mow some areas due to the saturated soil. We continue to downsize equipment to reduce damage but some is still occurring. 

Storm Clean-up: Spring wind always spreads debris after we have cleaned things up. This is frustrating as most sites have been cleaned up from winter but often times spring storms make sites a bit messy again. We continue to clean projects up.

Winter leaf-out and leaf drop: As plants come out of dormancy and leaf out or bloom there is always a lot of bloom and leaf drop that needs cleaned up. We will be at this on our weekly visits.

Irrigation season is closer than you think: Yes, we are working diligently on activating and servicing your irrigation system. We normally start to irrigate by the beginning of May so that is our goal. We will likely not start by then but it is not out of the question yet as weather can turn dramatically. 




April looks wet and cool but May might we warmer than average and the start of the irrigation season. We will be ready!

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