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Multiple Efforts to Reverse the FDA’s Approval of Dangerous Abortion Pills

Mifepristone, the drug used to kill children growing in the womb, originally known as RU486, was approved by the Clinton FDA in 2000. Then in 2016, Obama’s FDA approved the two-step chemical abortion process using mifepristone followed by misoprostol. Misoprostol was already approved to prevent ulcers; however, when administered after mifepristone, it “completes” an abortion by causing contractions that forcibly expel the deceased, tiny baby from the mother’s body.  

In 2016, in-person medical consultations were still required before the pills could be dispensed – a safeguard to rule out ectopic pregnancy and other risk factors. But that same year, the FDA removed the requirement that a healthcare provider administer the pill in person.  

A few years later, in April 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs, the FDA went further and temporarily suspended the in-person medical consultation requirement, which propelled the move toward mail-order abortions. Then, in its first order of business in 2023, the FDA moved beyond its negligent lack of enforcement and removed the in-person consultation requirement altogether. 

Also, in early January, the agency changed the label of Mifepristone to allow retail pharmacies to distribute the drug As the FDA continually loosens and abandons safety precautions, making chemical abortions more dangerous and accessible, concerned individuals and pro-life organizations have expressed strong opposition. 

As a result, multiple efforts are underway to reverse the federal agency’s reckless decisions. ...

Ross Foti is a heroic pro-lifer who has been reaching out to abortion-vulnerable mothers from Planned Parenthood facility sidewalks nearly every day of the week for over 30 years. Last October, while doing so outside a California Planned Parenthood, he was brutally attacked.

This long-standing, 88-year-old hero was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital after a Planned Parenthood customer viciously pushed him down onto a fire hydrant. He was treated as an inpatient for four days due to a punctured lung and other serious injuries.
Though the police department recommended that his attacker be prosecuted for battery causing serious injury and for elder abuse, no charges been filed.

Not only was Foti’s attacker allowed to leave the scene after receiving only a citation, but three months later, the district attorney still has filed no charges. ...


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