Friday May 20, 2016
The long-acting, nonhormonal contraceptive - for men.
 Vasalgel manufacturing fundraising: Getting closer
Thermometer May 16 2016
THANK YOU to all the people who have made donations of any size to support the manufacture of Vasalgel for the upcoming clinical trial. Thanks also to a big fan in Seattle who did a 1-day match of all donations up to $5,000 -- we're now one third there!  Supporters' donations are keeping Vasalgel moving. If you haven't yet donated,  here's the link
Last month to register as an early-stage supporter
There's still a long road to go towards the $127,000 bill to manufacture the Vasalgel for the upcoming clinical trial. Expenses are accelerating as clinical trial preparations intensify. Have you been following Vasalgel progress for a while but haven't contributed? We need your support now!

It's hard to know what regulators will allow in terms of how people are chosen for clinical trials. We may also have partners by that time who have a say in how it works. But if there is ever a possibility to give early supporters priority -- for example, drawing names of early supporters for evaluation for eligibility for a clinical trial -- we would like to do it, and there would need to be a cutoff.

There are over 34,000 people on the Vasalgel mailing list. If you've been following Vasalgel for a while, this is a chance to show that you're one of the sub-group that's serious enough to put your money where your mouth is!

How much to contribute? One approach is an hour's wages (or if you're a student, the cost of a pizza or a dinner out) to show you want new options. Any amount before the end of this month gets you registered as a Vasalgel early-stage supporter; anyone who donates $20 or more also gets the "I'm nuts about Vasalgel" sticker. (We're about out of the limited-edition "No more monkeying around with contraception" stickers from the baboon trial; the last few of those are going to donors over $100 and to recurring donors.) Thank you, once again, for being part of the Vasalgel journey. 
Mystery $13,000 Bitcoin donor - Please come back!
Wow, someone tried to donate $13,000 of Bitcoins to support Vasalgel development, but it was declined because it was over the $10,000 daily limit on our account with the payment processor! Bitcoin is totally anonymous, so we can't contact this very generous Vasalgel supporter directly -- instead, we're hoping he or she sees this message and tries again. We have applied to Bitpay to get the limit taken off the account, but in the meantime, mystery donor, we're hoping you'll come back... you can split the donation over two days... and THANK YOU Bitcoin donors!   Bitcoin Donation Page
We're working hard and are grateful for your support!

the Vasalgelâ„¢ team

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