September 26, 2017
The long-acting, nonhormonal contraceptive - for men.
Meet our new CEO
Ed Gillis headshot
Good news for Vasalgel! Ed Gillis has joined the team as CEO of Revolution Contraceptives, LLC, the social venture company that is developing Vasalgel under the umbrella of Parsemus Foundation. Ed has a history of leadership in early-stage medical companies, most recently as CEO and CTO at ReVENT Medical, Inc. -- a company he founded.

"We were thrilled to find and attract Ed," said Elaine Lissner, founder and trustee of Parsemus Foundation. "He is a perfect fit -- not only does he have extensive experience getting products to market, but he understands the importance of better male contraception and supports the social mission of the organization."

Ed has previously held senior-level executive positions in engineering, research and development, manufacturing, and product development for a number of medical product companies. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology and Master of Science degree in plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. ( See biography here)

"Vasalgel will be a revolutionary advancement in family planning," Ed said. "I'm committed to ensuring that men across the world will have better options to take control of their reproductive future."
New Vasalgel animated video provides inside view
You can see an "inside view" of Vasalgel in action thanks to this video representation with animation by Filip Spasev and Will Justice. The project was led by Abraxas Adams, who heads up creative and technical services at Parsemus Foundation.
Vasalgel inside vas still shot

Vasalgel blocking sperm in vas deferens

We may be busy, but our FAQ has answers
Q and A Signpost
This year has been especially busy for the Vasalgel program -- and ramping up to clinical trials over the next year will require all our focus. This is a critical time in the development pathway. We won't be able to share every step, but we will do our best to communicate our progress to you and will keep the FAQ updated. You can always turn to it as a reference for any questions.

Thanks for your ongoing support as we push full steam ahead.
We're working hard and are grateful for your support!

the Vasalgelâ„¢ team

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