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May 12, 2015
Six months, no babies!
The four baboons in our long-term mating group have had Vasalgel for over seven months with no contraceptive failures! They have all been living in large social groups with lots of females since a month after they got Vasalgel - and despite their best efforts (with regularly observed mating), no females have become pregnant. They will continue for another five months to be sure that the implant is durable. These mating results add to the 12 months of successful rabbit contraception sperm count data.

So, Vasalgel appears to work great as a contraceptive - but what happens if you want to become fertile again? In the rabbit studies, we successfully flushed the gel out and sperm counts came back. The baboons have proven more difficult though, so our team has now turned its attention towards studying the reversibility of Vasalgel. We are just starting to conduct a few pilot studies to help us develop the best technique for flushing the material out when contraception is no longer wanted. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: frequently asked questions
We receive many questions about Vasalgel and have recently updated our FAQ both on the website and Facebook page to help address them. One of the most common questions is about the difference between Vasalgel and RISUG. The short answer is that while they are based on a similar concept of using a polymer gel injected into the vas deferens, the formulations are not the same and the two products are distinct. The process has taken much longer than originally hoped, since all of the early development work and preclinical studies had to be completed for this new product.

Thanks to you and many other supporters for sticking by us on this journey. Your contributions have made it possible to get Vasalgel where it is today.

Crowdfunding update
We have decided to put off our crowdfunding plans for now, in part to show our support for the June 17 kickoff of the upcoming crowdfunding campaign by Male Contraception Initiative, a great new advocacy organization, but also because we are struggling to find a great way to offer perks for your help with funding the project. What do men want, other than Vasalgel? Not just another t-shirt, right? We may consider a campaign later in the year, so stay tuned for updates. Also, the numbers are getting big -- hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of the next steps -- and we've been advised that it's time to start seeking social investors -- Vasalgel's first "angels." What will be best for Vasalgel? Stay tuned!

Are you a Bitcoin user?
If you are - you can make a donation to support the development of Vasalgel in Bitcoins. Just go to our Donate Page and click on the Donate Bitcoins button. It's that simple! A shout out to a recent anonymous contributor who donated over $2400 in Bitcoins to Vasalgel. Thanks!

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