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First Quarter, 2013
Vasalgel progress: So far, so good!
Dear Friends,         
Technology transfer and manufacturing turned out to be trickier than expected, but we're on a roll now!
Vasalgel Test Results in Rabbits

All the rabbits in the first study now have Vasalgel long-acting vas deferens male contraceptive. The preliminary results are in: Four months so far, and no living sperm! It's just what we hoped for: There are some fragments (tails, etc.) in some of the samples, indicating that pressure is being let off, but none of the sperm are making it through alive. This polymer really is a remarkable substance!


The rabbits will have it in for two more months; at that point some of them will be extensively examined for safety and microscopic effects, and others will continue on for a full year. We're optimistic enough that we're planning the rest of the formal animal and laboratory studies needed before use in humans, the last step before meeting with FDA and other regulatory authorities about starting the first clinical trial (the aim is to start this year). Keep your fingers crossed!

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Get ready: Crowdfunding This Spring

Lots of people have asked how to contribute towards making Vasalgel happen. Many people have mentioned Kickstarter - and we think crowdfunding is a good idea. In fact, we'll be counting on crowdfunding to fund the clinical trial! If you are getting this newsletter, you will be hearing as soon as it happens.


We'd love to use Kickstarter (the biggest crowdfunding platform), but it doesn't accept medical technology projects. However, the second-biggest crowdfunding site, IndieGoGo, will do medical projects and looks pretty good. It's easy to use, because you can sign in with a Facebook account and you can contribute with a credit card or PayPal.


Vasalgel is being developed as a "social venture" company - a hybrid form in which the aim is to be self-supporting (so it doesn't have to always be begging for money), but nobody will be making a killing. Since it's going to cost several million dollars, we'll be looking for program-related investments from foundations and low-interest loans from investors who would like to make a difference, but we'll be relying mostly on crowdfunding (here we come, IndieGoGo!). In the end, Vasalgel making it to market is going to be mostly about men (and women) and how much they want it, take action, and spread the word. 


TAKE ACTION: Get signed up and ready to go on IndieGoGo. 

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Now that the rabbit results are looking so promising and we're on a roll, we'll be sending out progress updates once a month or so. But would you like to hear the news right as it happens? Join Vasalgel on Facebook. 



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