Mosaic Yarn Studio, Ltd.
Vashti Braha Workshops
Mosaic Yarn Studio is happy to welcome designer  Vashti Braha to our studio.  She will be leaving sunny Florida to teach at Mosaic on Saturday, March 4 & 5, 2017.

From Vashi's website:
"I live and work at home in a subtropical paradise with my husband and son who are fans of my crochet passion. They help make the DesigningVashti crochet website and pattern shop a pleasure.   Peacocks roam freely in our neighborhood and sometimes I can't resist blogging or tweeting about some of the other exotic wildlife also.
I know I have an unusual name, and my husband is partly responsible for that (smile). I'm often asked what my background is, and if "Vashti" is a Russian or Indian name.   My parents are both from southern Ohio. My father's background is Irish and my mother's is English, French, and German. "Vashti" is actually an old name from the Bible (it occurs briefly in the Book of Esther). Now you know."

She is going to be teaching four crochet workshops:
Saturday, March 4
"Meet the Designer Break fast & Lecture:   Stacked Color Pooling":   Planned yarn pooling is a fascinating crocheting  experience. Not all variegated (multi-colored) yarns will readily  stack up by color, so choosing your yarn requires a unique  "sleuthing method", as described in class. A sock yarn with short  color repeats that are at least 2" (over 5 cm) long is recommended.  What is planned pooling and color stacking? "Pooling" often  happens accidentally with a variegated (multicolor) yarn. The colors  may look evenly mixed until you crochet or knit with it; then the  colors seem to randomly pile up or "pool" in undesirable ways. The  same yarn can look blotchy in one project yet settle into an argyle  pattern in a different project.   You'll learn how to make a yarn's colors stack up in columns as  you crochet in rows and how to choose a multicolored yarn for this  kind of design; how to identify the true color sequence of a  variegated yarn, and which scarf dimensions are fixed or variable in a  color stacked design.

10 a.m. - 12 p.m., $30  
Saturday, March 4
Starwirbel Cowl-Capelet":   Starwirbel is the name of a lacy 
star stitch cowl that is   crocheted in a continuous spiral (pictured). The "wirbel" part of the   name  refers  to  a German term for whirling, which is what it feels like    to crochet star stitches in this manner. Starwirbel is the perfect    project for delving into star stitch technique. We'll learn how to get    a star spiral started, and how to figure out what all the loops are    doing so that we crochet stars into stars evenly. Then, we'll learn    how to increase and decrease a little, and a lot.    We'll also distinguish closed-eye and open-eye star stitch patterns,    and how to alter any star's laciness and starriness. The class handout    offers a basic star stitch pattern for experiencing all of these    elements of star stitch technique. You also have the option to begin  the Starwirbel project in class.  Materials Fee: $6.

1 - 4 p.m., $50
Sunday, March 5
"Big Hook Slip Stitch":   Not only is slip stitch crochet soft, stretchy, and warm,  it's _fast_ and perfectly on trend when you use big yarns and  hooks.   The capelet-style Expedient Cowl, for example, takes one evening to  crochet with a jumbo crochet hook and two balls of thick yarn. It's  exactly the a ccessory I've been needing for an unpredictably chilly  season: warm, snug, breathable, and easy to put on.   You'll learn how to do several kinds of slip stitches, invisible  shaping, and simple and occasional short rows.

Sunday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., $50
Sunday, March 5
"Easy to Steek (Cut) Crochet Stitches":   Surprisingly, some crochet stitches resp ond wonderfully  to being cut! You'll learn which regular and Tunisian crochet stitches  to use to crochet a simple shape, then add a head opening, armholes,  and more later. You'll also learn how to identify more stitches in  this special category. It's a whole new way to look at crochet  fabrics, and at wearable simple shapes.

Sunday, 1 -  4 p.m., $50
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