Issue 7.03
January 15, 2021
Maj Gen (Ret.) Francis D. Vavala
honored with the Josiah Marvel Cup
The State Chamber awarded its prestigious Josiah Marvel Cup Award to Major General (Ret.) Francis D. Vavala. The award was given at the State Chamber’s 184th Annual Dinner on Monday, January 11. Read full release >

"General Vavala embodies what it means to serve the state and nation. For more than 50 years, both in uniform and out, he has made a tremendous impact on our National Guard and the State of Delaware,” said Major General Michael R. Berry, Adjutant General of the Delaware National Guard. “He normally is the one giving out the recognition and awards, so it's only right he gets some recognition."

“We know how meaningful this award is,” expressed President-Elect Joe Biden. “It comes from the community. It is about service to the people. There is no one more deserving than General Vavala. He’s not only been an incredible leader to the Delaware National Guard, he’s been a genuine friend to so many.”

The rarely given honor was presented at the 184th Annual Dinner on Monday, January 11. Read release >

“She has made such contributions to our state in so many different ways and affecting so many different populations,” said U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester of Henry, who is known for her extraordinary commitment to public service with an emphasis on working to improve the lives of women, children, families, and the elderly.
A Bright Future for Delawareans
When we began 2020, we could never have predicted the challenges this year would bring. We have been on a difficult journey as a state and country as we continue to fight COVID-19.

The threat of this virus has been real since Day 1 – especially for our most vulnerable neighbors and loved ones. Protecting lives has been our North Star, our highest and most important priority. Read more >
How Divided Government Will Force Congressional Compromise and Solutions
Across the country, Americans voted in record numbers, and they are sending to Washington, not just divided government, but closely divided government....We should not confuse America’s vote for divided government as a vote for gridlock. Americans routinely express their displeasure at the inability of Washington to come together to address both urgent and long-standing problems. Read more >

The good news is that Delaware was better prepared for this downturn than at any time in recent history. Since 2017, Governor Carney and the Delaware General Assembly partnered to reduce the State’s
tendency toward budgetary ‘feast or famine.’ The concept, known as ‘budget stabilization,’ sets Operating budget growth at an economically sustainable level and then dedicates any ‘extraordinary’ revenues to onetime expenditures such as infrastructure investments and additional reserves to help weather future revenue shortfalls. Read more >
The Business Voice Remains Vital
with New Faces in Dover
It's been said before and it will continue to be said well into the future, 2020 was a strange year, for so many reasons. The 2020 Election season was no exception. For starters, Delaware is now the proud home of a President. Perhaps the rest of the country will no longer be asking “Dela-where?” What that actually means to us as a state remains to be seen, but nonetheless, we can count on being more in the spotlight going forward than in the past. Read more >
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