Monday, July 27
Vedic Astrology 101

with Disha Assudani

Vedic astrology is the ancient art of astrology that gave birth to our Western system that we know today. it is highly predictive and offers remedies and course corrections that are not found in the Western system. It’s roots are in the science of Ayurvedic medicine. Some astrology background is helpful but not necessary to enroll.
So that we may furnish each student with his/her chart, please provide your date and time of birth along with the location (city, state, country).

7:30- 9:30 PM for 6 Mondays
$180 $ 10 Materials
 Charts included
Pre-registration required
Wednesday, July 22
6th Sense

with Azalea

Have you ever had a deja vu experience? Do you sometimes know that the phone will ring and who it will be on the other end of the line? Are your dreams sometimes prophetic? Open up your own psychic gifts & start using your intuition TODAY! No Prior experience necessary.
Effective June 3, Azalea is the permanent, every week facilitator of this class. 

Runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse. They are powerful and magical communications that may be used in divination or in magical workings. Join Azelea for an evening of exploration of this fascinating language.

$10 drop in or pre register.


Disha Assudani

After a brief review of the basic material, the intermediate student will be presented with the finer arts of prediction and divination including Review of Rashis (zodiac), Bhavas (houses), and Grahas (planets). Dispositors, Combustion, and Retrogration of Grahas. (planets)  Introductions of 27 Nakshatras (lunar mansions) and predictions on their basis - Continuation of Nakshatras review.Prediction from Dashas (Vimshotari System), Discuss about Jamini Dasa Systems. Finally, we will address Major life events: Marriage, Education, Career, Health, Disease, Surgery, House or Vehicles purchase, Financial planning, Travel, Wealth. and then look at Panchang, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog, Vaar, Shatbal, Tarabal, Bhavbal. 6 Weeks Pre-registration required 7:30 - 9:30 PM $450 Rudimentary knowledge of astrology is necessary .

Saturday, August 1


Breathing Master Class
with Andrea Bagby

Using Yoga techniques to strengthen your lungs and improve oxygen saturation and remove toxins in the body is the focus of this class.
The COVID 19 virus is only fatal after it enters the lungs. It has been found that healthy lungs are your best defense, second only to social distancing. Whether you are a yogini or have never heard of "down dog" join us on Saturdays for the next 6 weeks. Online by invitation only Call The Inner Space at 404-252-4540 or click here to register. 11 A - 1:30 PM
(This class is a stand alone 1 day workshop & also gives credit toward Yoga Instructor Certification).

SATURDAY, August 1

Tarot 201

Valerie Que

The intermediate student will learn how to give a Tarot reading without having the client ask a question. We will use the Astrological wheel of houses to pinpoint the issues and timing cards and combinations to give the timing of events. Hands on reading experience is a part of this course. 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM $190 Including Printed Materials. Workbook is $10 Tarot Deck available at Hoot Owl Attic, not included
in this price.
4 Saturdays Skipping Psychic Fair Weekend/
Preregistration Required
(2nd & 4th Tuesday Monthly)
Law of Attraction Meetup
Magalie is our Anchor
7:30 - 9 PM, All Are Welcome!
 Minimum Donation $5 Thank You
Every Wednesday
Hosted by Azalea
7:30 PM $10 Drop-in Skype in for half price
Check the Web Site for
weekly topics
Spiritual Yoga for Everybody
with Andrea
Every Friday 11 AM - Noon
$12 Per Session or $50 for 6 Sessions
In person - in store!
Astro - Forecast | July 27 - August 2
Monday the Moon is in Scorpio. Today is likely to be a rather foggy or confusing day even for psychics. Jupiter is sextile Neptune, Venus is quinx Jupiter and square Neptune and all this around lunchtime. Don't try to put anything into concrete terms and don't try to nail anybody down today. Mercury is square Mars making for fits of temper or possibly overexertion. Try not to corner anyone to make demands, especially late this afternoon to early evening. The Moon is opposite Uranus and the tendency is to cut and run.
Tuesday is a little better after daylight with a lunar trine to Mercury, sextile to Jupiter and trine to Neptune. Communications flow more smoothly, especially psychic communications. The Moon is quincunx Venus around this same time, so adjustments with finances and love are necessary. This afternoon, the Moon sextile Pluto brings anything hidden, nasty or rotten to the surface.
Wednesday the Moon moves into Sagittarius following a sextile to Saturn. The Moon is trine the Sun so things may be smoother today. Late tonight that urge for freedom of expression and movement returns.
Thursday the Moon is trine Mars in the late morning. Energy levels run high, but this can also bring tempers to the surface. A trine is not so bad as long as we remember to temper our words. Mercury is opposite Jupiter and trine Neptune. The Moon sets off a square with Neptune. Psychic insights could be brilliant today, but you may not like what you hear. The Moon is opposite Venus tonight and Venus is quincunx Pluto. Relationships may take on some control issues.
Friday the Moon enters Capricorn and makes no aspects until Saturday.
Early Saturday morning we have a lunar trine with Uranus. Sleep is apt to be disturbed. the same pattern that we saw last week with pre-dawn sleeplessness may plague you this morning (during the night time) Mercury is opposite Pluto today and the Moon is square Mars and conjoins Jupiter. Control issues or deep meaningful communications are on the table today. Tonight the Moon is sextile Neptune. It's a good time for some wine by candlelight and enjoy a nice video.
Sunday the Moon conjoins Pluto, opposes Mercury and is quincunx Venus. This coupled with the Sun's square to Uranus makes for strange pre-dawn dreams. The Moon conjoins Saturn by the time you are out and about having coffee and ready to start the day. This can be a downer, making you feel more serious, tired or responsible. The Moon enters Aquarius mid afternoon. Hopefully this will lift the mood.
Dr. Sherry Henderson founded the Atlantian Mystery Schools, a holistic and metaphysical professional training program for astrologers, spiritual healers, ministers and counselors in 1995. Dr. Henderson teaches astrology, Kabbalah, psychic development, Tarot, world religion and spiritual business classes. She is a practicing Tarot reader & astrologer. Dr. Henderson is the director of The Inner Space metaphysical center in Atlanta, Georgia.
For information on classes or to schedule an appointment, call 404-252-4540.