2020 is turning out to be quite the year for all of us. For me, it has me looking at the world I live in with a bit more scrutiny. My boys are at an age where I feel even more protective than usual. They are now old enough to be out in the world, exploring and observing. What must they think? How are their adult-yet- teenage brains processing everything that is happening?

This is the part where you ask, "what does this have to do with some vegan handbags?" Creating something that is environmentally responsible and kind to animals feels really good right now. While this line of bags has been in development since 2019, this year's events have me even more confident that the direction I am heading is indeed the right one.

The most exciting part of this line is that the materials are luxe and have such a high-end feel. Imported from Italy, the material is both eco friendly and sustainable. The Numinous Bag, the Derive Tote, and the new generation Nexus are all constructed with a mix of these eco-friendly, PETA-Approved Vegan materials.

Perhaps you prefer the feel and wear of real leather? The Nexus Naples Collection is produced using lamb, which, out of all the leathers we could choose from, has the smallest impact environmentally.

I hope you enjoy this latest collection of bags and are as excited about the direction we are heading.