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Main Season Blessing from one of our CSA Members.
Farm Notes

Welcome to Farmer Dave's         

Welcome to the 2018 main season with Farmer Dave's. For many members this is a continuation of the spring share which began in early March, for others this is something new. All will find the fruits and vegetables a little different than what is offered at the supermarkets. Our fruits and vegetables will be a little more rustic and less picture perfect. Most flavors of our produce will be more robust. It is in our rustic and robust flavors that are hidden more nutrients and better health. You can not exactly see the nutrients in food. But, when you see that perfect looking tomato in the supermarket and take it home to find it to be merely a red globe of water, you can surmise that it is must be lacking in something that the tomato of our grandparents days was prized for- true flavor and nutrients.

In growing food sustainably, some of our fruits and vegetables may appear imperfect. We often have a choice between allowing some insect damage, or covering the crop with chemicals. We also eat this food and feed it to our families and so desire it to be the most healthy and nutritious possible. While growing healthy food is not easy, knowing that our members want the best food for themselves and their families drives us to grow for health, rather than growing for the perfect looking grade that the supermarkets require. Healthy food is our focus and passion.

Thank you for trusting in your Farmer and hats off to a wonderful season ahead.

Farmer Dave
Lettuce in Field
What's In My Share

Welcome to the first week of the Vegetable and Fruit Shares! Early in the season you can expect plenty of tender lettuces, asian greens, and herbs. This is the best time of year to enjoy delicious, crunchy salads. As the season progresses these early summer treats will fade away and the shares will explode in variety and flavor.

Vegetable Shares
  • Asparagus or Cherry Tomatoes (harvest dependent)
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce (as is typical at this point in the season, there will be a lot of lettuce in the share this week. Get those vinaigrettes ready!
  • Bok Choy, Tatsoi or Kale
  • Cucumber
  • Herbs

Fruit Share

  • Strawberries
  • Apples
This is what we are planning and hoping to harvest this week.  Ultimately Mother Nature has the last word so the actual contents of your share will vary.
Vegisode of the Week!  

Welcome to the CSA!

In this Vegisode, Denise and Stacey give you an overview of Farmer Dave's CSA, what to expect, & where to find help! 

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These videos are designed to help you make the most of your CSA share with tips on storing, preparing and preserving your veggies.  

CSA Member PYO Strawberries at the Farm This Weekend

June 15-16 and June 22-23


Each CSA membership will receive a complimentary pint of berries. Additional pints will be available for purchase.


More details here! 


Have you tried Farmer Dave's pantry line?

Made with our own produce.

Delicious new products:  Applesauce, Strawberry and Strawberry Raspberry Jam

A new batch of hot sauces: Call of the Mild and Dave's Third Degree.
Groundwork Share-a-Share
Thanks to generous donations by you (our CSA Members) to the Groundwork Share-a-Share fund, we were able to subsidize the cost of shares in 2017 for over 30 individuals and families, as well as shares for local food pantries.  
Please consider helping us in our efforts to make the CSA accessible to more families by donating to Groundwork Share-a-Share.