Community Supported Agriculture
UN Food and Agriculture Organization Economist on Sabbatical in our tomato field
Farm Notes

If you have ever had a deep conversation with a philosopher, you may have noticed that they seem to keep returning back to the basic tenets of the argument to ensure that the foundation is sound. In a sense, we like to do the same on the farm. We always keep going back to look at the roots. If the roots are not healthy, then the plant will bear few fruit. This season we are hosting a friend and former co-worker of Farmer Dave's from the Republic of Georgia. Lasha, on a sort of sabbatical, is learning and observing our life in America and our work on the farm. Though he spent time in MA about 15 years ago when he completed his graduate studies in development economics at Williams College in the Berkshires, he finds this experience in Massachusetts very different. He is far from the theoretical macro-economics work of Williams or from his agricultural economics work with the United Nations. He is here to better learn the empirical micro-economics and plant physiology of putting seed in the ground on a small farm like ours, more similar to the farms his work impacts. And while here he is asking us the deciding questions that keep returning us to question our roots.

This week we celebrate the independence of the United States of America as a sovereign country free to make decisions on our own as a representative democracy. Our country has evolved a lot since gaining independence. While there is still a lot to improve in America, we are still a great country. Alexis de Tocqueville, a Frenchman who traveled throughout America trying to uncover just what made America endure in its greatness found that, "America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

Thank you to these two foreigners. Through their eyes and words we are able to see and question America and Farmer Dave's in a different light so that we remain true to our roots.

Have a good week in our great country,
Farmer Dave
The 4th of July is here!  Reminder of the following pick up changes:
  • North Andover - Merrimack College is moved to Monday, July 2nd. 
  • Somerville is moved to Monday, July 2nd. 
  • Tewksbury, Wednesday - choice is moved to Thursday, July 5th.
  • Metro Pedal Power is continuing to deliver on Wednesday, July 4th as usual.
This is a friendly reminder to return your plastic CSA bins. Thank you! 
What's In My Share

This week features more varieties of delicious summer squashes. Try shaving with a vegetable peeler or mandoline and tossing with your favorite dressing for a quick and refreshing side dish. I like it with fresh lemon and olive oil.

Vegetable Shares
  • Garlic Scapes!
  • Beets
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry or slicing tomato
  • Kousa, Zucchini, or Summer Squash
  • Boston, Green or Red leaf Lettuce
  • Arugula or Kale
  • Herbs
Fruit Share
  • Applesauce made from Farmer Dave's apples by our friends at Commonwealth Kitchen
  • Raspberries
  • Apples
  • Strawberries (if we're lucky. The harvest is slowing and the strawberries do not like this heat.)
This is what we are planning and hoping to harvest this week.  Ultimately Mother Nature has the last word so the actual contents of your share will vary.
Vegisode of the Week!  

Grate Expectations  

In this Vegisode, Stacey and Denise go outdoors and show you the basics of grilling vegetables.

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Who wants to cook in the middle of a heat wave? Try some of these recipes from our blog and keep the stove turned off!

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These videos are designed to help you make the most of your CSA share with tips on storing, preparing and preserving your veggies.  

Have you tried Farmer Dave's pantry line?

Made with our own produce.

Delicious new products:  Applesauce, Strawberry and Strawberry Raspberry Jam

A new batch of hot sauces: Call of the Mild and Dave's Third Degree.
Groundwork Share-a-Share
Thanks to generous donations by you (our CSA Members) to the Groundwork Share-a-Share fund, we were able to subsidize the cost of shares in 2017 for over 30 individuals and families, as well as shares for local food pantries.  
Please consider helping us in our efforts to make the CSA accessible to more families by donating to Groundwork Share-a-Share.